The Westport (Ireland) Country Playhouse

Did you know there’s a Westport Country Playhouse in Ireland, too?

Amazingly, it looks just like ours here in Westport — except it’s green, not red:

Okay, that’s a bit o’ blarney.

The special effect was created by Alysia Miller of the Westport Country Playhouse patron services staff.

The one in Connecticut, to be sure.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

9 responses to “The Westport (Ireland) Country Playhouse

  1. katherine hooper

    thats hysterical!

  2. Richard Lawrence Stein

    But there is an actual town of Westport in Ireland…

  3. Luigi Nimkoff

    Good one!

  4. Two Irish guys walk into a bar…

  5. ….I know those guys

  6. For a moment, you had me. The Westport Late Knights soccer team played a match in Westport, Ireland back in 2002–and stayed in the town–and I started thinking: there was a playhouse there?! It is a beautiful town and countryside with very friendly townspeople. And I will read very carefully when April 1 approaches.

  7. I thought those two guys were magicians and they turned into a bar.
    Green’s not a bad color for that Playhouse, by the way.

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