Hales Road Bridge Project 20% Complete!

Today, as every day, 3 shifts of workers swarmed like busy bees around the Hales Road bridge project.

A typical beehive of activity, on the Hales Road bridge.

The complex engineering feat — repairing the intricate, 25-yard structure spanning I-95 while connecting Green’s Farms and Hales Roads — was begun in the waning days of the Coolidge administration.

Department of Transportation officials project completion within a year after Chelsea Clinton is sworn in as president.

However, a spokesman said, bad weather or other unexpected problems could push that date back several decades.

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  1. Had each bridge and mile of the CT Turnpike(I-95) taken this long cars would be flying before it was finished. Anyone ever hear about pay for performance not “break time” construction…. Now do you understand why stimulus money is not moving the economy ?

  2. The people and the firms working on this bridge have no incentives to finish the job or do a good job. They are bellied up to the public trough and they are not leaving as long as our tax dollars fill it up.

  3. The Dude Abides

    I am tired of everyone blaming government for the pace of construction work and the recovery of the economy. Why is not private enterprise held accountable themselves?? Why is the government blamed for unemployment when it is Corporate America that is holding trillions back from investment in jobs?? Perhaps an indebth study of why the bridge is taking so long to finish is in order instead of just a cheap shot(s).

    • Why is corpoorate America holding back trillions? They did as much during the Great Depression. I think Amity Schlaes did a very good job explainin the behavior of corporations in the face of a hostile regulatory environment and elevated levels of uncertainty.

      • Why are shareholders more important than the good of this country?

        • Who said they were? What is the “good of this country”? Who has decided that to be the case? If the Feds want to create more jobs, that’s their issue. The corporations did not create an economic environment that spawned a 9.8% unemployment rate.

          • The Dude Abides

            Chicken and the egg argument again. You disagree but I see the economy going in cycles since the 70’s (post-Vietnam inflation, S&L/oil bust, dot.com bust and now the housing bust). Certainly the government, dating back to Clinton, wanted everyone to buy a house. But the Wall Street shooters took that market and encrypted their credit default swaps and whatever into the equation and the boom went bust. The result, to a large extent, is the recession and unemployment we face today. I am not sure the government is to blame but I do think Wall Street is. Most of the investment bank managers didn’t every know what was going on and still pursued anything that could make money. Boom, bang, bust.

          • The Federal Government runs both monetary and fiscal policy, not corporate America. There would have been no sub-prime mortgage crisis had there not been sub-prime mortgages. There would have been no S&L crisis had there been no S&L’s. In each crisis government intervention into the marketplace was a necessary but not sufficiemt condition. BTW the roots of the sub-prime crisis are to be found before Clinton was in diapers.

          • The Dude Abides

            In regard to your comment below, the S&L’s were deregulated in 1982 by Papa Reagan and the wolves went wild. Subprime mortgages were also numerous in the Southwest during that period and fell hard. So it would seem that when left alone, the capitalists play their little games that end in crisis many times. So your broad brush of the federales determining “fiscal and monetary” policy is undetermined by the rats nipping at the cheese.

          • Dude: The S&L’s were doomed with the repeal of Reg Q. Ask yourself why was there an S&L industry? There was no economic reason for it to exist. It was pure populist politics that created it and protected until the disintermediation of the late 1970’s forced the end of Reg. Q. Without Reg Q the S&L’s lost their protection. BTW the increase in FDIC insurance further sealed the fate of the S&L’s. There would have been no S&L crisis if there were no S&L industry; brought to you by a bunch of populists ffrom Texas. We should talk.

          • The CRA was passed in 1977 (Carter). The phase out of Reg Q began with the Monetary Control Act of 1980 (Carter). Of course there were subprime loans in 1982. They were virtually mandated in 1977 for any bank that wanted to do business with the Fed or wanted FDIC insurance. What would you expect? I posted that givornments actions were necessary but not sufficient. I think that view encompasses yours as well.

          • The Dude Abides

            I must do my homework on the Reg Q as I embarrassed to say as a FDIC attorney, I was or am not familiar although I did not join up until 1987. A sidenote of humor: When the FSLIC went belly up and going to come under the arm of the FDIC, we played with new names. LIC-DIC was suggested but RTC eventually won out. Get back at ya.

          • The Dude Abides

            From my research and a few phone calls, I still believe, that while, the effectiveness of Regulation Q may have had a part in the struggles of the S&L industry prior to 1980, the deregulaton acts of ’80 & especially ’82, left them ripe for intervention by greedy developers who used used their power as appointed directors to utilize such institutions as their own ATM machines. The result was their demise.

          • Dude: I don’t disagree, but it is hard to argue against the proposition that if there were no S&L industry, there would have been no S&L “crisis.” The Federal Government, through banking regulations, made the S&L industry possible. The removal of Reg Q weakened the competitive position of the S&L’s and then the industry became ripe for exploitation by criminals who promised competitive yields with an FDIC guarantee. But if there were no S&L’s, there would have been no crisis. BTW they were paving the road this morning as I drove past. In wonder what they will do with all of the expensive signs.

          • The Dude Abides

            Yes, Professor Woog to have an update completion date on the blog tomorrow on the bridge. Metro-North seems to have been a contributing factor in its delay. Back on point, it was my belief that S&Ls were formed back in the early 20th century to allow for loans to its members to purchase houses. In effect, a co-op of pooling funds for a specific purpose. It would seem that you are implying that model was lost in the 70’s due to government regulation and market conditions???

          • The banking Acts if 1933 and 1935 contain provisions, like Reg Q, whose primary purpose was to protect the local S&L from competition from the big banks. Had the competition run its course, it would have been very unlikely that the S&L industry would have been anywhere near the size it was by the early 1980’s. Once Reg Q was removed, the protection from competition went with it. The impetus for removing Reg Q, as I saw it at the time, was disintermediation brought about by high interest rates and inverted yield curves. Banks could not compete with MM funds and commercial paper for funds, so they started upstream holding to companies to float their own commercial paper which was then sent downstream to the banks. The Fed was unfraid it would lose any control over the financial system as money was parked outside of the banking system, so Reg Q had to go.

          • The Dude Abides

            As did 747 S&L’s and subsequently 300+ commercial banks giving rise to mergers and the “too big to fail” institutions of today. Thus, the market created an Incredible Hulk of its own, which is barely able to be regulated let alone controllable.

        • You, Sir, can not be the real Ric Jensen. Ric Jensen comments are limited to but one word.

  4. DUDE
    You gotta be kidding, usually you are spot on in a weird way But consider this if you hired someone to build you a new kitchen and 2 years later you were still looking at a work in progress, would you not kick some butt?
    Consider the folks who live on Hales, some walk to Saugatuck to work. This slow ride getting things done makes them walk an extra mile each way every day to work and back . SO it is not only unsightly, slow, and a continual waste of money but a burden on the people behind the bridge. The government is the contractor (person in charge) and should be representing the Hales folks in their pain and representing every taxpayer with their $$$$$.

  5. The Dude Abides

    CHIP: I commiserate with your frustration and the government is at fault with their various specs and regulations as to job requirements (many of which are brought on by lawsuits or too many hands in the pie) but I doubt it is the government that is the contractor. I suspect that it is a private corporation doing the work. I have had great success with Dodd’s office in Stamford (forget Lieberman and Hines). Put a burner under their butts and find out who the contractor is? If everyone would assume that THEY are the government, there would be far less griping and more action. Good luck!

    • Why blame the contractor? He is acting exactly as you would expect anyone in a similar situation to act. He maximizes his profits. Would you blame a toad for being a toad? The ineptitude is manifestly that of the government agency who let the contract and is managing the effort. So called infrastructure projects are rife with corruption in all directions.

  6. The Dude Abides

    Not sure but it seems the chicken/egg argument and we have bantered about the responsbility of the individual v. government for some time now.
    I must untangle Christmas lights, smoke a joint and figure out who Chelsea Clinton’s running mate will be?

  7. Larry Perlstein

    On the CT Recovery website http://www.ct.recovery.gov/ the project is listed as in progress and the contractor/cost is listed as Loureiro Contractors Inc. $4,290,980. They appear to be based in Plainville. Anyone have a friend there?

    the link is actually http://www.recovery.ct.gov and it lists $436,644,781.39 in stimulus spending in little old Connecticut
    Enough pork for our kids grandchildren’s Bar-B- Q s Check out all the reciepirents from Cablevision to Easter Seals….. Boy I feel stimulated !

  9. They have little blue pills for that and are cheaper.

  10. Dude: Chicken came first…
    Georgie Girl: go see Love & Other Drugs… good one.
    Rumor: that trailer on the site is actually an after hours Badda Bing Club.

  11. The Dude Abides

    Tom: The question really is whether a chicken on Viagra can cross the bridge? Besides Anne Hathoway’s boobs, nothing redeeming about the movie. Try the Russell Crowe flick.

  12. Loureiro Contractors, Inc.
    110 Northwest Drive
    Plainville, CT 06062

  13. All I know is, construction on the Verrazano-Narrows bridge began August 13, 1959, and was opened on November 21, 1964 at a cost of $320 million and held the title of longest suspension bridge in the world (previously held by the Golden Gate Bridge) from 1964 until 1981, when it was eclipsed by the Humber Bridge in England.


    So when will the Hales Rd bridge open?

  14. The Dude Abides

    Write Loureiro and ask them. “eclipsed by the Humber Bridge.” Nice writing.

  15. Larry Perlstein

    When I drove past today I noticed that Loureiro put a large banner with their name on the fence. I never noticed it before. Maybe it’s a sign of impending activity.
    And Chip, thanks for correcting the URL — I never get those things right.

  16. The Dude Abides

    Tom Battles is in charge of the bridge project for Loureiro. Waiting for a call back.

  17. Now that this has digressed into the old political CF, some news FLASH !!!!
    The BRIDGE (remember the bridge ?) site is being cleared of equipment today and paving is about to start, so some time this decade the project should be done !
    It is Friday remember to lift one high to Dan and his Bridge Blog !!!

  18. The Dude Abides

    The Wooger can move mountains!! You might also note that within that ole political CF (??), some phone calls were being made to the right people. I might add that it was Metro-North that was a major factor in the delay and had nothing to do with your original stipulation of a deflated government stimulus package.

    • Metro-North is a GSE. So who is in charge here?

      • The Dude Abides

        Loureiro was in charge but they had to coordinate with Metro North regarding power outages to work on the bridge. Apparently, that caused much of the delay.

  19. Halleluiah The steam is rising right now, the flood lights are all over, the bridge is paved and DONE Halleluiah

  20. Doubting Thomas:
    Chip, I’m gonna drive over. Hope you’re not kiddin’…

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  22. Dan should do the honor of cutting the red ribbon! Thanks, Woogie!