Mr. Pogue Goes To Washington

David Pogue — Westport’s own  New York Times/CBS News/CNBC tech superstar — gave a speech yesterday at the Department of Justice.  I’d heard Vice President Biden was going to be there, so I asked him for some juicy tidbits.

Here’s the Pogue Report:

David Pogue

When I arrived, a minion helpfully took my overcoat as I took the stage for the A/V check on my laptop. But after my talk, nobody could find the coat! And it had my wallet in it. Which I needed to fly home again!

This was 3:50. I was freaking out — I had to get to the PBS studio for a”News Hour” interview at 4, then had a 6:30 flight home.

Janet Napolitano

The ironic problem was that Janet Napolitano, Secretary of Homeland Security, spoke immediately after me, so the entire ballroom backstage — the obvious place to look for my missing coat– was sealed off tight by Secret Service!

I left for PBS without the jacket and wallet, and did the interview (PBS paid the cab).  As we wrapped up, the Washington Hilton security staff gave me a call — the coat had been found, wallet intact. I returned to the Hilton, grabbed it, and made the flight with 10 minutes before departure.

I found it hilarious that my coat and wallet went missing at, of all things, a meeting of the Department of Justice and Homeland Security!

David Pogue's wallet (representation)

3 responses to “Mr. Pogue Goes To Washington

  1. That would be funny if these knuckleheads weren’t entrusted with keep us safe.
    Still a good story.

  2. The Dude Abides

    Well, apparently, they are doing a better job on our borders than Mr. Pogue’s valuables. Nice inside story.

  3. Larry Perlstein

    Sorry, but I have to ask the obvious question — and bear in mind that I have great respect for David — but, why leave his wallet in his coat? Were his pants pockets too full of the latest gadgets? Happy Holidays!!