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Update: Hales Road Bridge Project Now 99.9% Complete!

Earlier this week, “06880” reported that the long-lasting eternal Hales Road bridge project would be completed “within a year after Chelsea Clinton is sworn in as president.”

The timetable has been moved up dramatically.  If new information is correct, the bridge will be open even before John Boehner replaces Nancy Pelosi as 2nd in line for succession to the presidency (behind Joe Biden).

An alert “06880” reader contacted a high-ranking official at Loureiro Contractors.  Yesterday, the official said the bridge will be open “the middle of next week.”

The delays were caused, he added, as “a result of coordinating with Metro-North on power outages that allowed them to work on the bridge only at night.”

We don’t want to claim that “06880” has a lot of juice — or that the lack of juice was the reason for the centuries-long construction delay.

On the other hand, we’re just sayin’….

At any rate, we’ll believe it when we see it.  And when we see it, we’ll enjoy the end of long delays for everyone in the greater Hales Road area.

Enjoy this sight now. As of next week, it may be a thing of the past.

Hales Road Bridge Project 20% Complete!

Today, as every day, 3 shifts of workers swarmed like busy bees around the Hales Road bridge project.

A typical beehive of activity, on the Hales Road bridge.

The complex engineering feat — repairing the intricate, 25-yard structure spanning I-95 while connecting Green’s Farms and Hales Roads — was begun in the waning days of the Coolidge administration.

Department of Transportation officials project completion within a year after Chelsea Clinton is sworn in as president.

However, a spokesman said, bad weather or other unexpected problems could push that date back several decades.