Parking Spot?

An at-her-wit’s-end “06880” reader writes:

My cousins from Canada are making their way across the U.S., visiting relatives and sightseeing along the way.  They are traveling in a 40-foot RV, and we’re desperately trying to find a place for them to park in this area. The RV is completely self-sustaining, and they’ve been living in it since they left Calgary several weeks ago.

They parked in my mother’s driveway in St. Louis and in a park in Illinois.  But it won’t fit in our driveway in Westport, and I can’t find a park around here that will allow them to park overnight.  If anyone has any ideas, I’d be grateful!  They would like to arrive here today or Sunday, but I’m at a loss.

“06880” readers are resourceful.  Click the “Comments” link to post suggestions — let’s welcome our Canadian friends in great Westport style!

According to Google Images, this is what a 40-foot RV looks like.

13 responses to “Parking Spot?

  1. Can you post a photo of this group?

  2. Why don’t they ask one of the schools if they can park in student/staff lot for the night? I’ve seen stranger things park in those lots than an rv…

  3. Young Westporter

    I’m not sure if this a myth or not… but I have heard that Walmart’s allow for RV overnight parking. Their website was unclear on the manner.
    But it said if there is enough parking then it is fine. The one on Route 7 has a bigger lot than the one on Route 1, If anything they can park there for a night or two until something is found in town.

  4. the parking lot on sherwood island connector – across from the dump

  5. Dick Lowenstein

    Some possibilities:
    1. Women’s Club lower lot (but check with the Club)
    2. Any commuter lot (exit 41 or 42 off Merritt)
    3. MetroNorth lots (but be out by Monday very early)….free parking on weekends

    Whatever they do, inform Police Dept.

  6. Wakeman thoroughfare.

  7. Lisa Marie Alter

    Not to be condescending, but did you already contact our Police department for suggestions ? Also, you didn’t mention how long they were planning to stay, but…

    The Soundview Lot (the dirt lot) at Compo Beach tends to underutilized this time of year — as does the lot at Ned Dimes marina & the more remote parking areas at Compo Beach…not certain if the entrance is wide enough, but they’d love the “waterviews !” (altho policy is that all cars must be vacated at midnight)…might they be willing or able to make an exception to parking restrictions, as a diplomatic gesture ?

    Hope you’re successful…gotta love those Canadians…friendly & polite folks. I was in Toronto this past August and they were such gracious hosts !

  8. How about in my cul-de-sac?

  9. My cousins were here on Halloween weekend in their 52 ft. RV. They are on an 8 month trip from Gig Harbor, Washington. I had done some calling around before their visit and our hospitable Westport Police said they could stay in one of our the commuter lots. I thought the lot behind the Woman’s Club (and across the bridge from the Levitt) would be great and close to our house. They stayed their first night in the Walmart parking lot on Main Ave. in Norwalk because Walmart welcomes RVers and RVers appreciate it when there is no campground in the area. But I got them to move over to the lot behind the Woman’s Club for their 2nd night. They loved it – it was quiet and peaceful and they had it to themselves over the weekend. We were proud that our town (well, our police, at least) welcomed them!

  10. I would have offered my driveway but was out of the country and didn’t see this until today. 🙁 Hope they found a place.