A Puzzling Library Development

Only the Westport Public Library could make an annual report interesting — and interactive.

This year’s mailing — a usually stupefyingly dull listing of contributors, fleshed out with thank-yous emphasizing the importance of every contribution — features a large crossword puzzle, created by New York Times crossword contributor Elizabeth Gorski especially for the library.

Clues include “Westport’s ‘Twilight Zone’ mastermind”; “‘Little _____, (Saugatuck), part of Westport’s past”; “Westport Library benefactor Morris K. _____”; “Amy who threw a famous tea party atop Westport’s town dump,” and “It’s studied at the Westport school founded by Albert Dorne.”  (See below for answers.)

The large crossword puzzle, ready to be worked on in the Westport Public Library. Only a few answers were entered. C'mon, guys -- it's not THAT hard!

“The goal was interactivity, plays on words, and of course to hope people read it after checking their names,” says what-will-she-think-of-next library director Maxine Bleiweis.

Because the library does nothing halfway, a jumbo version of the puzzle has been placed just beyond the circulation desk.  Anyone can fill in the answers.

The puzzle is erasable, so it can be used over and over.

And, of course, so you can correct your neighbor’s mistakes.  How often do you get that chance in this town?

(Answers in order:  Rod Serling, Saugatuck, Little Italy, Jesup, Vanderbilt, art.)

2 responses to “A Puzzling Library Development

  1. Wendy Crowther

    Crossword Clue: Westport Library
    Crossword Puzzle Answer: F A N T A S T I C

  2. I think you got it right when you say Maxine is a “what will she think of next” kind of person! The library is a great place, with great patrons and outstanding employees! If you don’t believe me come on in and check it out… Books, movies, coffee, outstanding kids programs not to mention an outstanding reference department. Did I mention it’s open 7 days a week?!