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Parking Spot?

An at-her-wit’s-end “06880” reader writes:

My cousins from Canada are making their way across the U.S., visiting relatives and sightseeing along the way.  They are traveling in a 40-foot RV, and we’re desperately trying to find a place for them to park in this area. The RV is completely self-sustaining, and they’ve been living in it since they left Calgary several weeks ago.

They parked in my mother’s driveway in St. Louis and in a park in Illinois.  But it won’t fit in our driveway in Westport, and I can’t find a park around here that will allow them to park overnight.  If anyone has any ideas, I’d be grateful!  They would like to arrive here today or Sunday, but I’m at a loss.

“06880” readers are resourceful.  Click the “Comments” link to post suggestions — let’s welcome our Canadian friends in great Westport style!

According to Google Images, this is what a 40-foot RV looks like.

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