Boo Y’all!

Alert “06880” reader Betsy Phillips moved to the Compo Beach area from North Carolina.

One of the 1st warnings she heard was that the neighborhood’s close-together houses attracted “1500 to 2000” kids every Halloween.

“Buy a closet-load of candy,” she was told.

She did.

Last year, starting around 6, Betsy watched in amazement as hundreds of costumed children poured down the street.

“It’s spectacular,” she has the grace to say.

As residents are flooded by non-beach people (even out-of-towners) attracted by the easy pickings, they have 2 choices.

“Either you go with it, and hunker down awaiting the goblins witches and superheroes, or you go dark and don’t answer the door,” she says.

Betsy Phillips' Halloween decoration, at Compo Beach.

Betsy not only enjoys the influx — she embraces it.  This evening she and Dan Kahn will host a “Boo y’all” party — remember, she’s from the South — for plenty of adult friends.

“I love the decorations,” Betsy says of Compo at this time of year.  “And I love all the old-timey neighborhood fun.”

I’m sure there are some Crabby Appletons nearby.  If they can’t get in the Halloween spirit like Betsy does, I’ve got 3 words:

Move to Weston.

9 responses to “Boo Y’all!

  1. I’m with Betsy: it’s all what you make of it. We’ve had a blast the past few years making it festive: inviting friends, decorating the place to Disney standards and enjoying the onslaught. But, I can also picture a day when we’ll prefer to stay “dark” (or go out to dinner and a movie, like some folks I know)…and IMHO, we are all entitled to do that…and I DON’T consider them Crabby at all !

    The best part of the Compo scene: the friendly, party-like atmosphere, jovial (and mostly polite and respectful) attitude of the majority of the revelers, the excitement of costumes and candy.

    The worst part: the grabbers, the tramplers, the no “thank you” or “I want something else-ers,”(with 10 kids backed up behind them), and the piece de resistance: the-show-up-at-9-pm after-the-lights-are-outters (if you have to stumble up my walkway in the pitch black to bang on my door, it means you are not welcome).

    SO, for those who plan to come to Trick or Treat at the beach, we Compo residents only ask for a few things in return: don’t throw your trash and debris on our lawns, don’t trample our plants or decorations, say “please” and “thank you” (duh) and respect when the lights are out – it’s OVER. Finally, don’t complain about what you are given for treats — even with Costco’s whopping warehouse packaging, we all spend a small fortune on treats for what is mostly virtual strangers.

    Me: I plan to have a good time, enjoy the costumes (some are simply fabulous), coo over the littlest munchkins (whose parents ALWAYS remind them “Say Thank You!” and who will never be ringing my bell at 9), have a brief chat with the occasional friend who stops by, and for the most part, enjoy the party.

    Next year: who knows ?
    I may “go dark”…
    but no matter what, Dan: I ain’t movin’ to Weston.

  2. Hey! I live in Weston and we don’t want the Crabby Appletons either! But please send your trick-or-treaters;. we never get any. Wait, come to think of it, maybe I’ll move to Westport instead.

  3. The Dude Abides

    This was my fav holiday growing up in Westport. Gault Park and
    along Easton Road were our travels. Used to chart maps of the best
    areas and even highlight who had the best treats: Sorry apples, popcorn
    balls did not compare with main line sugar. Then the Guber from Houston poisoned his own kids for their life insurance and the fun went to hell. Going to church and having your candy x-rayed was a complete drag for my kids. It is back full force now even though the parents seem to have to tag along. We average only about 15 kids in the Staples area. We have the big Snickers this year. No bite size!!! Stop by!!!! Trick or Treat?

  4. Westporter since 1970

    How come you didn’t mention the death threats due to your role at Exxon?

    • Westporter Since 1970: Given your role at Staples and the ease w/which Staples students hack into Dan’s site, don’t you think you should use better judgement?

  5. The Dude Abides

    If you are going to stalk me on this blog like you have Jeffxs, please get your facts straight. There was no Exxon prosecution unless you are referring to the Valdez spill. There was, however, a very big prosecution of the Enron mess which there still remains ramifications to this day.

  6. To Westporter 1970: The Dude’s identity is no mystery to many of us who read this blog. He was my Staples 1966 classmate and is my friend. He was deeply involved on the prosecutorial side of the Enron fiasco and the earlier S&L mess. The death threats are real.

  7. Reading the Dude’s account of Halloweens past in Westport reminds me of mine in Saugatuck. No adult supervision whatsoever. Had it been mandatory it would have been laughed at. Big brothers and sisters took care of the littlest ones. Our only hazard came in the form of small gangs from Saugatuck that stripped of us our candy and Unicef milk cartons. No big deal, though, as we were giving up our candy money to the same guys every day at school. I have lived in the Riverdale section of the Bronx for many years and every Halloween I’m reminded of the best aspects of my kid Halloweens in the place, now gone, that longtime Saugatuck resident Lynda Valiante Palmieri SHS ’65 calls “Our Old Saugatuck”: a ton of kids running happily through the hallways of my building, most of them, thankfully, unsupervised by doting parents. Always fun.

  8. Back to to the original topic. Many, many thanks to Betsy and Dan. My family was among their MANY visitors and they put on one fantastic display. A little something for the kids, a little something for the adults and a lot of fun for everyone. We walked away with big smiles on our faces and great feelings about living in Westport. Again, many, many thanks for providing everyone with such a great Halloween treat. Loved the disco ball!!