Post Road Paving

The current Roseville/North Avenue/Cross Highway paving project has gotten plenty of press lately.

At the same time, crews plow forward on the Post Road too.

An alert “06880” reader made the connection between the 2.  He pleaded:

Can we have just a few gobs from the many truckloads of available asphalt transferred into the gully that currently exists between Roseville and the Post Road, and causes one to hit one’s head on the roof if the car goes more than 1 mph?

Amen to that.

And while we’re asking for things we won’t get, how about delaying the traffic light at that intersection, so cars stop flying across from Roseville at the exact moment Post Road traffic starts to move?

A very bad intersection, in more ways than one.

9 responses to “Post Road Paving

  1. Been there, Done that

    Any Westporter should live by two rules: Never go near the Post Road
    and if needed, never take a left on it. Thus, that solves the ejection from your seat on the downward cycle of the Roseville intersection. Coming up from the beach, you must head directly for the waiting far lane and then circle to your left to avoid the bump to your car’s chasis and/or head.
    I have argued for many decades that green lights should be delayed several seconds to avoid drivers who run red lights. Engineers have done hundreds of studies that indicate doing so would avoid many traffic accidents. The urban control folks ignore such warnings as they do about putting traffic lights on North Avenue to slow down drivers as well as to facilitate peak times of school traffic. One response from our police department stated that “traffic lights are not used to control traffic.”

  2. Bobbie Herman

    Can anyone tell me why they are paving so many parallel roads at the same time? No matter which way you go, you can’t avoid it.

  3. mary ruggiero

    Seems to me that a traffic camera or two at that intersection might provide some needed revenue for the town and perhaps help stem some of the near hits of color blind drivers!

  4. And the “dip” when you cross the Post Road at Compo near
    People’s Bak!

  5. Linda Gramatky Smith

    Ah, now there’s another wrinkle (or Tragedy Waiting To Happen) at the Roseville Road/Post Road intersection. I have seen so many times recently that cars that have a GREEN light going south on Roseville onto the Post Road better wait until all traffic has stopped coming from downtown (going east). The light will have been green several seconds and a huge SUV will BARREL through the intersection, obviously running not a yellow light but a totally red light. Scary! Yes, there is a green turning indictator at that intersection, but when it turns red, I think that means to stop? Crash just waiting to happen.

  6. Linda Gramatky Smith

    And having a traffic camera at that intersection is a great idea, Mary!

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  8. Larry Perlstein

    The paving looks great … now all they have to do is put a left turn signal from Roseville onto the Post Road … as you can see in the photo above, people turning left just rush across the intersection ignoring the right of way of the oncoming cars. Does anybody actually remember what “right-of-way” means or how a four-way stop is supposed to work?

  9. mary ruggiero

    Just tried that intersection from Roseville north today – Ooo la la, what a smooth time! What a difference – no valley.