“The Office,” Michael Moore and Staples High School

Alert “06880” reader Galen Blumenthal was watching “The Office” Thursday night when he spotted this:

Yes, it’s Kevin Malone — dressed as Michael Moore for Halloween.

And wearing a Staples baseball cap.

The apparel is not as random as it seems.  Paul Lieberstein — a writer and producer on the show, who also plays Toby Flenderson on it — is a 1986 Staples High School graduate.

We wonder how many other viewers recognized the cap.

And how many other employees of Dunder Mifflin have Staples connections.

9 responses to ““The Office,” Michael Moore and Staples High School

  1. Richard Lawrence Stein

    Actually Dan follow this bouncing ball…. The executive producer and American mind behind the office is married to Susan Lieberstein … Paul’s boss and brother in-law… Susan in her own right is a major player in the entertainment industry…. Their younger brother Warren was also a writer on the show as well as other shows and was married to one of the actresses on The Office she is a blonde (not being an office watcher) on the show…. So you might say the show is totally Westported up… Not since maybe Friday the 13th part ten story by Adam Marcus directed and even acted in Adam Marcus and brother Kip…and Adam Kranner and the sheriff department is Westport… And originated by Sean Cunningham has one movie or show been so Westport dominant

  2. While the Westport/Staples connection to “The Office” is a viable and exciting one, and I wouldn’t want to burst anyone’s bubble, I am from Michigan, the home of Michael Moore, who is about everything Michigan, and the block “S” hat that he wears is for the Michigan State University Spartans!!! Go Green!!

  3. I couldn’t tell from the grainy photo what color that hat is, I was just stating that Michael Moore wears the “S” hat as an homage to MSU! Go Wreckers!! Go Office!! Go Office/Staples connection!!!

  4. I KNEW IT!!

  5. I have to agree with Sadie ( as a longtime Buckeyes fan). That is supposed to represent the faded Michigan State cap Moore has been wearing for years. But it was interesting to hear about the Staples connection to the show.

  6. I didn’t even notice that! Great find

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  8. Suzanne Solon Aubin

    Actually, Warren was part of the class of ’86. Don’t know what year Paul graduated. Warren was absolutely hysterical back then, so his success doesn’t surprise me.