Paving Project, Part II

This won’t make the Roseville-Cross Highway-North Avenue-Long Lots paving project go quicker.

But it may help you avoid the most painful parts.

A direct link to the map of affected areas is now available on the home page of the town website ( — then scroll down).  It shows (hopefully) all areas of work, and where contractors will affect traffic flow. 

Previously, you had to drill down almost to the earth’s core to find it.

The map is updated daily.  Changes vary based on weather and  other factors, of course.  Engineers try to make a prediction at the end of each day as to the next day’s schedule, and post a new map — but it’s a moving target.

 Individual mileage may vary.

8 responses to “Paving Project, Part II

  1. The Dude Abides

    I do know they are on Roseville now which I avoid like the plaque. Do you know whether this is the same outfit that paved North Avenue fairly recently???

  2. They do move fast. I will give them that. This time, they don’t appear to be setting fire to any trees.

  3. As of yesterday, the school system was under the impression that there would be no paving on North Avenue until next week. Dr. Landon sent out a helpful email alerting everyone to the problems they might encounter on North Avenue NEXT WEEK. It’s unbelievable that the Town has decided to work on North Avenue starting tomorrow. What a terrible mess it promises to be — one that could have been handled more easily if the Town had communicated with the school administration in a timely manner.

  4. Princeton '82

    Please no messes here in nirvana. You promised.