Remembering Kathy Kincaid

“06880” reader Denise McLaughlin sent this along:

Westport lost one of its finest volunteers, and a champion of many worthy causes. Kathy Kinkaid died while on a cruise in the Greek Islands with her sister Suzie Shuck and her brother-in-law John Shuck.

Volunteering is a habit for some people, a pain for a few, and a privilege for others. Some do it when asked, some ask to do it.  Maybe it’s addictive because some people in Westport could be nominated for “Volunteer of the Day” several days a week, several months of the year, by more than one local charity or organization.

Kathy Kincaid

Kathy would be one of those people. The Westport Woman’s Club, Domestic Violence, Project Return, Clasp Homes and the beneficiaries of the Concours d’Elegance all got plenty of help from Kathy.

The Concours d’Elegance used hundreds of Westporters who volunteered to take make signs, guide valuable cars into place, sell tickets, and do the thousands of other details required to pull off a huge charity gig.

Many of those volunteers were solicited by Kathy Kincaid.  Those volunteers worked between two and perhaps hundreds of hours to raise money for autism, Rotary, the Westport Arts Center and the Westport Historical Society, among others.

Losing Kathy Kincaid, one of our leading volunteers and good citizens, is a reminder to all of us how much our community thrives because of the good work of many special Westporters like Kathy.

6 responses to “Remembering Kathy Kincaid

  1. Maggie Feczko

    I got to know Kathy through the Westport Historical Society. She brought tremendous skills to her volunteer work but it was her kindness that I will remember about her. I always felt happy to see her and I will be one of many Westporters who will miss her very, very much. She lived in a wonderful Frazier Peters house that she expanded and cared for with the sensibility of a historic preservationist. My condolences to her sister, Susie Shuck and all of her family.

  2. Worthy of Note

    Dan: (and Denise McLaughlin) Thank you for sharing this tribute to Kathy Kincaid. I did not know her personally, but I am familiar with the causes with which benefitted from her industrious volunteerism, and I am sure they will sorely miss her, along with the rest of Westport. My deepest sympathies go out to her sister and the rest of her family.

  3. Hush McCormick

    Nice lady. Always happy.

  4. I knew Kathy. I miss her. This is very sad.

  5. Kathy was a lady, always welcoming to me, always with open arms, always interested. I am grateful I got to meet her and spend a few years working with her on the concours. My thoughts go out to her sister and her family.

  6. I was very sad to hear this news. Kathy was definitely a wonderful part of the Westport fiber and we will truly be at a loss without her guiding hand. My condolences to Susan and John for the loss of their sister.