Staples’ Big Challenge

All year long, Staples plowed through opponents.  And not just on the soccer field, baseball diamond and volleyball court.

The high school’s “Challenge” team — 4 whiz kids who answer rapid-fire questions about every subject imaginable on MSG Varsity — are fresh off their latest manhandling.  Tonight (Tuesday, June 8, 6:30 p.m., Cablevision channel 14) they face their stiffest rival yet:  Greens Farms Academy.

It’s a classic battle:  large public institution vs. small private school.  They never meet in athletic competition, so this is the only chance to watch the 2 in head-to-head competition.

And it’s the Connecticut finals.

The winner advances to the regional finals on Sunday, June 20 (4 p.m.).  One thing is for certain:  A Westport school will be there.

Clockwise from left: Staples students Alex Nitkin, Matt Greenberg, Jordan Ratner and Meghan Prior cheered on their Challenge team.

4 responses to “Staples’ Big Challenge

  1. Julie Mombello

    Hi Dan,
    I would love to watch, but I am an AT&T TV viewer – any idea if the Challenge is available on the AT&T network?

  2. Jim Goodrich


    Short of a quick switch to Cablevision, you can view some of Staples previous meets from this season on line. Go to MSG The Challenge (2009 – 2010 season) navigate until you find the competition site, click on Connecticut then to the View site and you should be able to watch.

    Good Luck!

  3. Why do you always select around five students from Staples to fascinate over and follow around? This happens on a yearly basis. Is this some social project? Sorry if I sound intrusive/judgemental, Dan.