My Kind Of Car: The Sequel

Last Saturday,  I posted a photo of the itty-bittiest car I’d ever seen in Westport.

This afternoon I spotted this one (check out the license plate):

I look forward to seeing another, similarly Woog-sized vehicle in the days to come.

After all, 3’s a crowd.

Just not a very large one.

4 responses to “My Kind Of Car: The Sequel

  1. Well, that’s not LeBron James’s car!

  2. In paris a few years ago, I spotted a “new” Mini parked head to head with an “old” Mini. The new model looked ENORMOUS by comparison!

  3. I owned a Daihatsu mini car when I lived in Bermuda — it was called a Pico — which in physics is smaller than a Nano — it was so small you could fit it inside a VW bug (the old kind!)

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