Parks And Rec Spares Trees

A tip of “06880”‘s all-natural cap to Westport’s Parks and Rec Department.

A small postcard informs residents that, starting Monday at 9 a.m., program registration, parking stickers and handpasses are available online.  Walk-in sales and program registration begins March 22.

That means the town won’t mail bulky, several-page forms — in large envelopes — to every household in town.  I’m not sure how many trees that saves, but it’s a smart, 21st-century move.

And one that the US Census Bureau should emulate.  The other day I received their letter, telling me that soon I’ll receive a census form.  When I get it, they said, I should return it.

Whew.  You can imagine how surprised I’d be to get a census form without knowing it was coming.  No way I could have figured out I was supposed to mail it back.

(For detailed Parks & Rec information, click here.)

2 responses to “Parks And Rec Spares Trees

  1. Suzanne Taylor

    Re: census

    Did you notice when you got the census papers they said open and fill out now, and mail right back… but all the questions are spacific for April 1st…

  2. Hah — I did not catch that. THANKS!