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Parks And Rec Spares Trees

A tip of “06880”‘s all-natural cap to Westport’s Parks and Rec Department.

A small postcard informs residents that, starting Monday at 9 a.m., program registration, parking stickers and handpasses are available online.  Walk-in sales and program registration begins March 22.

That means the town won’t mail bulky, several-page forms — in large envelopes — to every household in town.  I’m not sure how many trees that saves, but it’s a smart, 21st-century move.

And one that the US Census Bureau should emulate.  The other day I received their letter, telling me that soon I’ll receive a census form.  When I get it, they said, I should return it.

Whew.  You can imagine how surprised I’d be to get a census form without knowing it was coming.  No way I could have figured out I was supposed to mail it back.

(For detailed Parks & Rec information, click here.)

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