Help Haiti

(Photo by Ivanoh Demers/Associated Press)

It usually takes just a minute or 2 to read an “06880” post.

Today, please spend that time donating to Haitian relief efforts.  One of the most well-organized — thanks in part to working in that impoverished country for over 25 years — is Westport-based Save the Children.

Click here to contribute through Save the Children’s secure website.  You can also donate by calling 203-221-4030 or 800-728-3843.

(If you’ve got a few extra seconds, click here to let Pat Robertson know how repugnant his comment was — that the earthquake was divine retribution, as Haiti made a pact with the devil by freeing itself from French rule.  You can also call Pat Robertson’s Christian Broadcasting Network at 757-226-7000.)

(Ditto Rush Limbaugh:  “We’ve already donated to Haiti.  It’s called the U.S. income tax.”  Call 800-282-2882, or email

3 responses to “Help Haiti

  1. & after funding those efforts you suggested above, remember also the importance of the work that woman from Tauck Tours & family does, the one you profiled earlier in the month; at UN meeting in November regarding carbon credit market & caribbean states, the heads of those states – outside of their prepared announcements – all said that it is tourism that they rely on and need more than anything else.

  2. Luisa Francoeur

    Another organization is Partners In Health; go to this site:
    They have just been designated by the World Health Organization to serve as the coordinators of the public hospital, Hopital de l’ Universite d’Etat d’Haiti (HUEH).

  3. thanks for the link to STC. I’ve been meaning to make a donation, but thanks to your post, I no longer had an excuse to put it off.