It’s A Small World After All

Last week, Google pulled out of China.  Human rights activists around the globe applauded the news.

But one former Westporter found another of the search giant’s actions a little creepy.  Rather than affecting 1.3 billion Chinese, this impacted only 1 family.  Still…

The other day Charles Gallant — now a self-described New York-based “web nerd, musician, artist and thinker” — was doing what such people (and the rest of us) often do:  fooling around on Google Maps.   He clicked on his home town, zoomed in on his Crooked Mile Road neighborhood, then chose Street View.

He navigated to his house — and found a shot of his father, mowing the lawn.

To me, that’s a lot scarier than Chinese agents hacking into the computers of over 30 Silicon Valley companies.

2 responses to “It’s A Small World After All

  1. Luisa Francoeur

    Go Ed!

  2. Right now we’re at a really interesting spot in the ‘information age’. For the first time ever, we have to answer new questions. How much of ourselves do we commit to being publicly accessible? Should something end up online without our intent, how do we react? Does the context of Google Maps Street View impose anything negative on that image?

    So far, this is a little bit more funny to me than scary; Google Maps is respected enough that I don’t have a problem with it. If this were posted on MySpace, or any other trashy website, I’d be more concerned.

    Sooner or later everyone’s dad will wind up on the internet in some fashion… and not all of them will be mowing the lawn.