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Help Haiti

(Photo by Ivanoh Demers/Associated Press)

It usually takes just a minute or 2 to read an “06880” post.

Today, please spend that time donating to Haitian relief efforts.  One of the most well-organized — thanks in part to working in that impoverished country for over 25 years — is Westport-based Save the Children.

Click here to contribute through Save the Children’s secure website.  You can also donate by calling 203-221-4030 or 800-728-3843.

(If you’ve got a few extra seconds, click here to let Pat Robertson know how repugnant his comment was — that the earthquake was divine retribution, as Haiti made a pact with the devil by freeing itself from French rule.  You can also call Pat Robertson’s Christian Broadcasting Network at 757-226-7000.)

(Ditto Rush Limbaugh:  “We’ve already donated to Haiti.  It’s called the U.S. income tax.”  Call 800-282-2882, or email

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