First the Saugatuck Post Office shut down.

Then came word that the US Postal Service wants to sell its downtown Westport building.

Now that sale might be imminent.

It's not the prettiest post office in the world, but it's ours. (Photo by Jerry Dougherty)

An “06880” reader reports that a veteran postal clerk told customers yesterday that the Town of Westport may purchase the property — forcing the Post Office out of its longtime, very convenient location by the beginning of summer.

According to the postal worker, “It’s close to a done deal.”

The movie theaters are gone. The Y wants to leave.  The Post Office may well beat the Y to it.

I say, good riddance.  Now we can find room for what downtown really needs:   A women’s clothing store.

11 responses to “PO’d

  1. John McCarthy

    Dan, how about a jewelry store. Could always use another one. Or a place to buy candles.

  2. Does this effect the blog? Will there no longer be an “06880”? Will you have to become 06879danwoog.com?

  3. The Post Office downtown was a friendly place where you could expect to see a familiar face behind the counter, where one of my daughter’s photos was hung by an employe for everyone to admire. This all changed a few years ago when postal clerks were rotated to all offices in town.
    But, there was still the Weston office, where I could look forward to meeting Sally ! Now, the friendly and compationate Sally is gone too.
    She works at the Greensfarms P O now, I was told. Anyone remember the WHERE IS WALDO series, what today turns into the WHERE IS SALLY ……..!!!!

  4. Thanks for reporting this news, Dan. I was reminded of the value of the Westport Post Office during my boyhood. I think you will recall that I am keeping a blog at GoodbyeJerry.com with memories and documents concerning my late father, Jerry Davidoff, who died on Nov. 7. My recollections of Dad and the Post Office are on the blog at this URL:

  5. Stephen Rubin

    Great….now there will be room for another bank….just what Westport needs.

  6. Chip Stephens

    What backroom deal is being arranged that no one knows that we (the town of Westport) is buying the building. It may be a good idea, I am not sure, but in this time of no money for anything RECESSION I sure would like to know why my tax dollars are being spent to buy the Post Office. (if indeed this true)

  7. The post offices defined walking neighborhoods. The loss of Saugatauk’s is the final blow to a neighborhood that used to provide walk-to grocery and hardware stores.

  8. You crack me up! Thanks for making me laugh in light of this sad news.

  9. Deirdre O'Farrelly

    well, maybe the Town buying it to save it as a Post Office??? does anyone know for sure that there will be no Post Office in Westport?

  10. What happened the people that used to ask “why?”-What happened to the town activists?-Its as if not one but two generations of kids simply left town never to return-and so-the huns and other “invaders” came in to pillage the town-all by the book of course.We must keep up appearances…………..