Running — And Smiling

Whenever I watch joggers — including, yeah you, the guy who wears all black at 5:45 every morning, runs through red lights and thinks drivers can actually see him — I’m surprised at how unhappy they look.  They seem to hate what they’re doing.  And they’re always alone.

Which is why a loosely organized local runners’ group seems like so much fun.

joggers clubBegun a few years ago by David Menoni, his wife and a few friends from Fitness Edge, it has grown to include runners of all ages.  They have varying goals — get fit, stay fit, increase distance, prepare for a marathon or Ironman, meet other runners, socialize — but they are united by one thing:  They enjoy themselves.

The Jogger’s Club meets at Compo Beach on Saturdays, at 8 a.m.  They set off at varying paces, covering different distances.  At 9 they gather back at the pavilion, to chat, cheer for each other, and enjoy coffee (courtesy of Great Cakes) and bagels (thanks, Village Bagels).

“It’s a small group,” admits Deirdre O’Farrelly.  “But it’s a great way to feel alive early on a Saturday morning.”

“This is great people who like to have fun,” David Menoni adds.  “Moving the legs is secondary.

“There are no rules, no boundaries, no limits.  It’s quite peaceful to know that.  Sometimes it’s just nice to be free for 1 hour every Saturday.

“We have pregnant women walking, jogger strollers running, even dogs yupping along.

“Every week is a different route for everyone.  Fortunately we’re big enough so you always have a friend at your pace to talk to.”

The free coffee and bagels are great.  And right now, an injured marathoner has been baking what David calls “arguably the best muffins I’ve ever had.  I’d come just for those.”

Though burning calories to make room for them doesn’t hurt.

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