Congrats And Thanks

The results are in.  Westport remains a Democratic town.

Congratulations to all the winners — selectmen, Boards of Finance and Education, Assessment Appeals, Planning and Zoning, Zoning Appeals and RTM.

And thanks too to the non-winners.  You put yourselves out there; you offered alternatives; you made municipal democracy work.

ivotedstickerThe only losers, in fact, are Westporters who did not vote.  If you did not exercise the right that generations of Americans have fought — and, in some cases, died — for, you should forfeit your right to complain.

If you voted yesterday, fire away about town affairs.  If you stayed home, please shut up for the next 2 years.

One response to “Congrats And Thanks

  1. Betty Lou Cummings

    thanks for that message about voting Dan…that is so true….good luck to your soccer Team!
    Betty Lou Cummings