Fiona’s Mysteries

“06880” reader Susan Farewell sent this photo of Schlaet’s Point (Compo Beach, where Soundview Drive meets Hillspoint Road):

Schlaet's Point, Compo Beach, Westport CT

It’s been there all summer, and raises several important questions:

  • Who is Fiona?
  • Where is her island, and
  • Why is it disappearing?
  • Most importantly, where are our town officials when we need them? The sign is clearly illegal.  It could cause a major accident, as drivers slow down to read it — not to mention damaging the poor tree.  “06880” demands an immediate investigation, with proper punishment meted out to Fiona and all others involved.

6 responses to “Fiona’s Mysteries

  1. Dan,

    How many “Fiona’s” are there in Westport? I know of one who lives nearby. If that be our Fiona, I don’t hanker for retribution, even though you have pointed out the safety concerns. You can always call me @ 227-0473.


  2. It’s Just a sign, let it be! If people are saying that Fiona’s sign is illegal than those same people must think that tag sale signs, road signs and all other signs are illegal too. What is so bad about THIS sign?


  3. Seriously? You don’t know what the disappearing island is? Watch the tides. When it’s high tide, from this point, all you can see is the very tip of green and a rock. When it’s low tide, there’s a full expanse of rocks and stones that take you out to the green patch. High tide, island disappears. Low tide, Island reappears. Maybe you’re paying too much attention to signs and not the actual view. More on Fiona later….

  4. I don’t understand why the sign is such a big deal. The sign has been up for years and it makes so many people happy. Recently when all the trees around that area were cut down, the tree with THAT sign on it, was the only one that was actually still ALIVE!!!!
    What does that tell you about good art?
    VIVA FIONA!!!!

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