Wrecker Radio A Winner

WWPTWWPT-FM — “Wrecker Radio,” the Staples station — has limited range.  But its signal is making waves across the country.

PT’s student broadcasters were named finalists for 5 John Drury Awards.  Nominees and winners for Druries — the most prestigious high school radio achievements in America — are chosen by Chicago broadcast professionals.

In the final 5 are:

  • Best Sports Talk Program:  DJ Sixsmith, Mike Nussbaum and Eric Gallanty (Two Guys and a “Gal”)
  • Best Sportscast:   Eric Gallanty (Sportscast Update)
  • Best Radio Drama Adaptation:  David Roth’s acting class and Jim Honeycutt’s audio production class  (A Christmas Carol)
  • Best News Feature Story:  Mike Friedson and Naveen Murali (The Challenge)
  • Best Sports Play by Play:  Ryan Crofts, Eric Stefenson and Brendan Rand (Staples vs. St. Joseph basketball)

Thanks to success in these categories, WWPT is now in the running for Best High School Radio Station in the country.  Winners will be announced November 7.

3 responses to “Wrecker Radio A Winner

  1. Many Congratulations from a proud WWPT Alumni! I hope to hear about WWPT having several winners when they are announced in November!

    -Mark Lassoff SHS ’92

  2. Congrats! How exciting to hear about the great stuff they’re doing on the air there these days.
    -Emily Reich Shem-Tov SHS’92
    and another very proud WWPT alum

  3. jeffrey crowne

    i love the music they play , incredible variety from the 60’s classic rock to current , very impressive repertoire for high schoolers, better than anything else on the commercial dial in my view