Bang For Your Buck

If you’ve ever wanted to cheer for an outdoor entertainment area, tomorrow’s your chance.

Former Westporter John Martin’s construction project — a yard with an amazing outdoor kitchen — competes against 2 other (probably much less cool) outdoor entertainment areas.  Watch all the action on HGTV’s “Bang for Your Buck” (9:30 p.m.).

John now owns Straight & Level, an award-winning residential construction and remodeling firm in Austin, Texas.  Tomorrow’s show features a stunning outdoor kitchen created for the Willis family.  The kitchen is surrounded by beautiful terrain-scaping and plantings, with a custom copper fountain embedded into the outer wall.  (Click here for photos.)

The HGTV show highlights the effects of remodeling on sales prices.  A real estate agent and designer examine John’s renovation, and 2 other outdoor areas in Austin, all with similar budgets.  John’s is the only one without a pool — mildly ironic, as he was a medal-winning swimmer at Staples.

I don’t know what the judges will say.  But based on photos like this one, I’d bet the house on John.

Part of John Martin's kitchen -- see it all tomorrow on HGTV.

Part of John Martin's kitchen -- see it all tomorrow on HGTV.

One response to “Bang For Your Buck

  1. Go Dan!! Thanks for helping tell the world about John’s incredible success as a remodeler here in Austin–he’s raking in awards at an incredible rate and his clients all become his best friends. Tomorrow night will be so much fun–we’re all so thrilled for him.

    BTW, John is still swimming!!

    Hi to all in Westport,
    Judy Martin