A Historic Meth Lab

Westport Historic District Commission members usually talk about renovations, additions and repairs to old homes.  They discuss dormers, gazebos, porches — old New England-y stuff.

Last night it was meth labs.

just say noThe subject came up inadvertently.  A Westport resident, struggling to keep a home across the street from being demolished, said that years ago it was rumored to be the site of a meth lab.

The resident worried that without proper remediation, demolition could cause enormous health risks.

Another citizen — waiting to speak on another agenda item — tried to throw the Westporter a lifeline.  Maybe, this person suggested, there was a true historic connection.  After all, drugs — and the war against them — have long been a part of American history.

HDC members and the audience laughed.  Soon, the HDC voted to allow demolition of the house.

This morning, the Westporter who made the “historic” comment had second thoughts.  There had been no intent to joke about substance abuse — or a potentially dangerous former meth lab.

Even one with historical significance.

One response to “A Historic Meth Lab

  1. Yeah, I remember my days at Staples were filled with many different types of drugs however I hardly ever saw any meth. This is very interesting and I would like to know some more about the subject. Thanks!