Enjoying The Summer Stay-cation

The Westport family’s 3-day plans fell through — the northern New England college they called for an interview for their rising senior was fully booked long ago.

blog - Connecticut mapjpgSuddenly, the Westporters had time all to themselves. So on a Tuesday night they sat down and talked about the many local things they always talk about doing, but never have time for.  It was a very long list.

They added ground rules:  no Facebook, Blackberries or email.  (They followed them well.  Not perfectly, but they tried.)

“What fun we had!” the mother reported.  Their high school students found the Maritime Aquarium — particularly the penguins — as much fun as when they were kids.

They mini-golfed in Ridgefield, picnicked at Waterford Beach near New London, rode bikes, took walks, saw movies, ate out and had leisurely breakfasts.  Even an errand to a camera store felt special, because they did it together.

On Saturday morning the list was nowhere near done.  One kid went back to a summer job.  E-mail needed checking; laundry beckoned.  Daily life began anew.

But, the mother says, “the satisfaction of being home and stepping out of the routine was magical.  I always think of us as a family that  spends time together, but something about this endeavor felt so freeing.  Three days together under the radar — when can I mess up the schedule again so we can do another stay-cation?”

There are limits to her joy, of course.  When I asked if I could use her name, the mother answered quickly.

“Definitely not,” she said.  “My kids would be mortified.”

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