As Dumb As They Come

Trader Joe's paper bag

Westport’s plastic bag ban is over 3 months old.  That’s long enough for shoppers to figure out how to use paper bags.

Note to Trader Joe’s:  I kinda figured your bags are “reusable recyclable.”

And I know — without the arrows telling me — to “hold both handles.”

But I always forget which end is up.  Where are the instructions I really need?

2 responses to “As Dumb As They Come

  1. Plastic bag ban is for show only. It does so little for the environment, if anything. When will lawn chemicals be banned from Westport? That would be a real environmental gain.

  2. Linda Gramatky Smith

    Here we go again, the old saw that “paper bags are as bad for the environment as plastic”. Definitely! But have you seen how the majority of buyers at Stop & Shop and Trader Joe’s come IN with their own recyclable bags? Westport’s ban is changing how many people think and thus act, by realizing that it can get to be a habit to bring in the cloth bag. Yay!