Mysterious Westport

Westport Quonset hut

This is the ugliest photo ever posted on “06880.”

Then again, this is the ugliest building in Westport.

It’s located behind the Boat Locker, accessible from both the Post Road and North Maple Avenue.  It’s been there so long, no one notices it anymore.  It blends into the scenery — no easy feat for a ginormous humpbacked hunk of corrugated metal.

Growing up as a Long Lots boy, this was my territory.  The Quonset hut was there when I was a kid.  It’s still there.

In all that time, no human being has opened its thoroughly rusted doors.  No one has been seen near it.  Even teenagers, who will drink beer and have sex anyplace that has molecules, stay far away.

So:  Who owns it?

What do they use it for?

And can they please get rid of it?

13 responses to “Mysterious Westport

  1. It’s an historic building. Very few left extant in the world. It should be preserved.

  2. Wendy Crowther

    I work nearby and see people going in the back door of the hut. I think the people from the Boat Locker use it – they may store the boating equipment there. There are many small sailboats stored behind the hut.

  3. What would you prefer to see there, Dan? Oh, I don’t know, a 3-story Neo-Colonial style bank, perhaps? 😉

    I am sure this Quonset hut has some historic significance. I learned about Quonset huts from my mother who never misses a teachable moment. I grew up on Oahu, Hawaii and had a friend in first grade who lived in one on her family’s flower farm. When we drove her home from school one day (or maybe a play date which weren’t called play dates in those days) I asked my mom why she lived in a tank. I think my mom was horrified and seized the opportunity to explain that that was not a tank, but a Quonset hut, and they were built during WWII…

    • Quonset huts definitely were important historical structures during World War II. Unfortunately, this one does not seem to have been maintained since!

  4. John McCarthy

    So, is this the beginning of an “Ugliest Building in Westport” Contest? I nominate Fairfield County bank going up on Post Road and Compo. Or

  5. It is a non-conforming building. As I recall, when I was on the Zoning Board of Appeals, the owner applied to redo the front building using the square footage from the ugly building. They were turned down. The residential zoning line run through and/or very close to the building.

  6. Cliff Cuseo

    Watson, what is that political ZBA BS you are spewing. You lived across th estreet for years looking at it….anyway, Scott at the Boat Locker uses it for Boat Storage and supplies. It is part of that whole corner property. So I don’t get the author who was going on about nostalgic Westport and ho wlong this eyesoar has survived, my question is why are you trying to tear out one of the last remaining pieces of our ancient Westport childhood memories. Everyone is so quick to tear down Westport if it isn’t “new”.

    OK..i overran my nickle.

  7. Rose Jordan

    Funny you should mention this building today because just last week a friend of mine who was visiting Westport pointed it out and asked what that building was used for. I remember when I moved to Westport in 1971 that it was a “flea market” where we could buy all sorts of items, mostly used. If I remember correctly, it served that purpose for many years and then it closed. After that, it just became the eyesore it is today.

  8. Greens Farmer

    The bulimic housewifes go back there and throw up there doughnuts from Dunkin’. I swear.

  9. I nominate the 33,000 square foot monster being built on the corner of Bayberry and Cross Highway.

  10. Hey Dan, I drove by this place today and thought of this post. They are painting it… Still looks ugly though!

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