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Mysterious Westport

Westport Quonset hut

This is the ugliest photo ever posted on “06880.”

Then again, this is the ugliest building in Westport.

It’s located behind the Boat Locker, accessible from both the Post Road and North Maple Avenue.  It’s been there so long, no one notices it anymore.  It blends into the scenery — no easy feat for a ginormous humpbacked hunk of corrugated metal.

Growing up as a Long Lots boy, this was my territory.  The Quonset hut was there when I was a kid.  It’s still there.

In all that time, no human being has opened its thoroughly rusted doors.  No one has been seen near it.  Even teenagers, who will drink beer and have sex anyplace that has molecules, stay far away.

So:  Who owns it?

What do they use it for?

And can they please get rid of it?

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