Don’t Worry, Be Happy!

In 1990, Lionel Ketchian became a happy person.

His profession is printing, but he started reading about positive thinking.  He got happy.  And stayed happy!

In 1999 he taught a course at Sacred Heart University on — you guessed it — happiness.  When it ended, students wanted to keep meeting.  “Sure!” Lionel said.  “I’d love to!”

Lionel Ketchian looks happy -- and he is!

Lionel Ketchian looks happy -- and he is!

He started a Happiness Club in Fairfield.  Happily, it grew.  Today there are 50 Happiness Clubs worldwide, in places like Israel, Dubai and Tasmania.  Two are right here in Westport!

One meets at the Senior Center.  Unhappily for young people or anyone with a spouse, it is only for single people over 50.  Happily, they enjoy it!

The Smiling Single Seniors meet once a month.  Happily, the next meeting is this Thursday (6:30-8 p.m.).  Like all Happiness Club meetings, this one features a speaker.  Dr. Michael McGlynn will speak on — go figure — “Health and Happiness.”  Admission is free!

The other Westport Happiness Club meets at the Methodist Church.  Happily, anyone can attend!

“Happiness is an important thing,” Lionel notes.  “When you’re happy, you handle problems better.  You relate to people better.  Your life is better in so many ways!”

He adds:  “Let’s face it.  There’s a lot of stress in the world.  I want to share the tools to make happiness a part of people’s lives.  If the world can be more peaceful through happiness, it will be a better place!”

Lionel is a happy guy.  But I have to ask:  Does anyone ever say, “All this happiness is bullshit?”

“Yes!” Lionel says.  “In 1990 — at our very 1st meeting — an antagonistic and angry older woman did say that.”

But, he notes, “I’ve never heard it since.”

Which makes him very happy!

(For more information on the Westport Happiness Clubs — or happiness in general! — click here.)

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