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Tom Jones

Tom Jones

In what may be a nod to the economy — or an acknowledgment of Westport’s changing tastes — there will be no formal dinner at Tom Jones’ Levitt Pavilion fundraiser this year.

But there will be beer.

Magic Hat Brewing Company is selling brew during the event (and at the ticketed concert with Don McLean on August 7).

Despite the lack of dinner, there will be a pre-concert cocktail reception, and dessert after.

On the fence about going?  Westport attorney Jim Randel may persuade you.

In 1965, he recalls, Jones was scheduled to play a concert in Jim’s Ohio home town.  A blizzard struck — and “about 8 people” showed up.

But, Jim says, “Tom Jones came out and performed as though he was playing a full house at Caesar’s Palace.  He gave the audience 110 percent.  It was tremendously impressive.”

Randel — who saw the Welsh crooner perform a few years later, with similar results — uses Jones as an example when he gives motivational speeches.

“He loves what he does,” Randel says.  “He is a great showman.  If you go to the Levitt Pavilion performance, you’re in for a treat.”

(Click here for Tom Jones ticket information.)

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