Smiling Faces, Sometimes

Yesterday I gave a workshop for coaches, in the boonies of Massachusetts.

I made a pit stop for coffee on the appealingly rustic Mohawk Trail.

In 5 minutes there:

  • 3 strangers smiled at me, and said hello
  • Another recommended the best pastry
  • The owner wished me a safe trip, and asked if I needed anything

I was merely in a neighboring state.  So how come I felt like I’d stumbled on an entirely new universe?

blog - Mohawk Trail

2 responses to “Smiling Faces, Sometimes

  1. Now you have some idea of why we moved to Northampton, which is right down the road from Shelburne Falls. Yes, great coffeee too. What “boonie” town were you in??

  2. Spent the last5 days where I ‘grew up,’ Williamstown and North Adams. Learned that three cousins have returned, from San Francisco, New York, and Weston, MA, respectively. Definitely made me think twice, especially after returning to Westport and answering “How could you ever live so far from New York?” Easily!