Remembering Dorothy Bryce

Dorothy Bryce — who graced Broadway and local stages for over 50 years, and donated innumerable hours to area charities — died today.  She was 85.

The gifted actress appeared for years on television soap operas, including “The Guiding Light.”

Dorothy had a soft spot in her heart for Westport.  She gave her time to countless causes, often as producer and/or entertainer.  She was also very active in the Saugatuck Congregational Church.

In 2006 — in her 80s — she starred in the short film “Glacier Bay,” about 2 combative seniors.  She was named Best Actress at the Breckenridge Film Festival.

Dorothy was a true town treasure — an artist who always gave of herself, on and off the stage and set.

A memorial service is set for Saturday, May 30 (1 p.m.) at Westport’s Unitarian Church.

One response to “Remembering Dorothy Bryce

  1. Linda Smith

    Oh my, this really, really makes me feel bereft today. I thought Dorothy would continue on forever, and just the other day I was describing her to someone as “one of the nicest people I know”. She survived three really deadly (usually) cancers, and she was the go-to person to tell others that there is always HOPE when one has cancer. I heard her give a talk once to a small group of women at a PEO chapter (organization that raises a ton of money for scholarships for women), and it was one of the most entertaining, enjoyable evenings I’ve spent. Rest in peace, darling Dorothy, and rejoin your wonderful husband, Ed Bryce. My condolences to son Scott and the rest of her family.