The Rumor Mill

When you’ve lived in Westport as long as Chip Stephens has, you know people.  You hear things.

Lately, Chip has heard word that a number of long-established Westport establishments are closing.  He wondered if “06880” knew anything more.

“06880” — that is, I — don’t.  Asking businesses rumored to be imperiled if they’re really going under is the blog equivalent of wondering if you’ve stopped beating your wife.  But I called the places Chip mentioned anyway.

Three were definitely closed — for the day.  Neither Conte’s,  Martha’s nor Riverview Restaurant is open Mondays.

Mario’s had the most emphatic answer: “No.  It’s not true.  We’ve been here 42 years.  We’ll be here another 42.”

Tavern on Main gave the longest answer: “No.  No, that’s not true.  We’re the same as every place:  We have good nights and bad nights.  That’s just a rumor.  I work here and I’ve heard it too, but it’s not true.”

A non-restaurant — Geiger’s Garden Center — was the brusquest:   “No.  We’ve been here 40 years.  Business is fine.”  (Click)

Six rumored closings; 6 places that say they’re weathering the storm.  I take them at their word.  I don’t think they’d Curran Cadillac me.

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