A Word Of Caution

My “Friday the 13th” posting (scroll down to, duh, Friday the 13th) drew this reaction from a long-time Westporter.  He requested anonymity. Does he speak for all?  Many?  Himself?  Click the “comments” link below to respond.

Generally your blog is great, informative and entertaining.  Keep it up.  Of course, there is always a BUT…

…When you so casually refer to loss of services, and then mention Compo Beach and the library, a word of caution:

If the budget requires heavy cuts translated into layoffs, instead of smarter savings from the top there will be fewer people cleaning the beach, and one day a week (Sunday?) with the library closed.

Now, how about less service to the public in every  Town Hall office and department; Senior Center cuts; less snow plowing, maybe even emergency service reductions?  Let’s not be so casual!

The budget must be cut from the top, and not by getting rid of town employees who serve the public face to face every day.  The over-$100,000 town employees maybe have too much?  How about give-backs from the high salaries?

And clearly there are still the Board of Education expenses…

Last but not least, it is said that maybe 20% of the town has been affected by the current financial crisis. What about the 80% that still make big $$$ and pay big taxes.? Do they deserve service cuts?

Let’s keep Westport the great, special place that it is.

One response to “A Word Of Caution

  1. Whocareshowlongyouliveinaplace?

    Absolutely: start making cuts at the top first. If those at the top truly cared about mainaining standards at ground level, they would be first in line to take a salary cut and those people providing those services would not be affected. But, at the end of the day, “senior management’s” own continuity of position ALWAYS takes precedence.