BREAKING NEWS — Chip Stephens Explores 1st Selectman Run

Hot on the heels of the post below (“The Rumor Mill”) comes word from Chip Stephens that he may run for first selectman.  He announced it in a Comment under the “First Selectman Fun” post of March 12; it’s reprinted here for easy reading.

You heard it first on Dan’s  “06880.”

I, Chip Stephens, Staples 73, am starting an exploratory comittee to decide on running for the First Selectman position.

Have there been any Bedford El, Bedford Jr, Staples graduates in the position? Has there ever been a selectman who would promote changing the charter to allow ballot questions on election days to get a true sense of opinion in town? Our current selectman claims this is not currently allowed.

And has there been any selectman who sent 100% of the property tax bills out every year.  Most who are paying mortgages do not see their taxes unless they pick apart their escrow accounts, bet there would be more noise on taxes. (Thanks to Buck I. for that idea).

Yes, it could be fun even if it is a write-in campaign.

Chip:  I bet that Joe Arcudi is a Bedford El (or Saugatuck), Bedford Junior High and Staples grad.  I’m not sure where Gordon Joseloff went to school.  Maybe some of the guys from 100 years ago too.  But that’s irrelevant — what’s important is that the first selectman season is officially underway.  Welcome to what may be a great race! — Dan Woog

3 responses to “BREAKING NEWS — Chip Stephens Explores 1st Selectman Run

  1. Chip Stephens would make a fantastic First Selectman.

    He has been actively involved with Westport for over 50 years.

    He is extremely smart and passionate.

    Go For It, Chip!!!

  2. Post Chip’s photo, please

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