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Woodman Does Not Spare Longshore Trees

The Longshore Capital Improvement Plan — including pickleball courts; a new golf clubhouse; renovations to the tennis courts, pool and playground, and more — will take 10 years to complete. 

If it’s approved by the appropriate town bodies, funded, and not altered along the way.

Of more immediate concern are Longshore’s trees. 

Alert reader Clarence Hayes writes:

I am perplexed by the seemingly random cutting of trees at Longshore Park this winter.

Virtually all of them were healthy. When I examined the cut trunks, there are no signs of disease. They were not interfering with the road.

Some seemed entirely gratuitous exercises in tree mutilation, in which main branches I knew to be fully healthy were cut off for at best someone’s idea of symmetry, in locations where no people or traffic go.

I know that at least a couple were selected by Westport’s tree warden, since there were notices posted on the trees saying the warden had condemned the tree. All of them appear to be on Longshore park property, which leads me to conclude that all of them were based on the tree warden decision, or if not the warden, then the Parks & Recreation Department.

There are several cuts of 150-plus-year-old trees just off the golf course parking lot that are not near anything. It is bizarre why they were cut.

“06880” emailed Parks & Recreation Department director Jen Fava, and tree warden Ben Sykas, for comments. Neither replied.

(“06880 keeps an eye on trees — and the rest of Westport. Please click here to help support our work. Thank you!)

Happy Arbor Day!

It’s not exactly Christmas, or the 4th of July.

But Arbor Day is tomorrow. And Westport won’t let the holiday pass unnoticed.

From 2-5 p.m. (Friday, April 29), the Westport Tree Board will (wo)man a table at the new (and very beautiful) Lillian Wadsworth Arboretum (corner of Stonybrook Road and Woodside Avenue). Tree warden Bruce Lindsay will hand out seedlings: 200 flowering dogwood, 100 Norway spruce and 100 river birch. Planting instructions are included.

It’s first-come, first-serve. But don’t worry about waiting in line. There’s plenty of shade.

(Thanks to Eversource Energy, for making Friday’s seedling giveaway possible.)

Staples High School students recently helped maintain the trails -- and trees at the Lillian Wadsworth Arboretum.

Staples High School students recently helped maintain the trails — and trees at the Lillian Wadsworth Arboretum.

Mystery Trees

Recently, 4 trees in Parker Harder Plaza were tagged like this:

Parker Harding trees

The thing is, no one in an official capacity knows why.

Public Works didn’t do it. Neither did the tree warden.

It’s not the legal, we’re-planning-to-chop-this-tree-down tape.

And it doesn’t seem to be welcome-home-from-12-years-in-captivity tape either.

If any alert “06880” readers have a clue, hit “Comments.”

After last fall’s mysterious Paul Bunyan number on several Main Street trees, plenty of Westporters want to know.