Mystery Trees

Recently, 4 trees in Parker Harder Plaza were tagged like this:

Parker Harding trees

The thing is, no one in an official capacity knows why.

Public Works didn’t do it. Neither did the tree warden.

It’s not the legal, we’re-planning-to-chop-this-tree-down tape.

And it doesn’t seem to be welcome-home-from-12-years-in-captivity tape either.

If any alert “06880” readers have a clue, hit “Comments.”

After last fall’s mysterious Paul Bunyan number on several Main Street trees, plenty of Westporters want to know.

4 responses to “Mystery Trees

  1. Anyone check with the Downtown Merchants Association?

  2. It’s the ILLEGAL “we’re planning to cut these trees down” markers for the dirtbag tree cutters who will show up at dawn or midnight.

  3. David Stalling

    Surveyors generally use pink ribbons (and often put them on trees) to mark property boundaries; perhaps someone had some surveying done? .

  4. Alfred Herman

    It’s the water line of the next storm surge.