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A Diverse Question

You can find answers to anything on the web:  Every song recorded by Moby Grape.  How long it takes to fly to Uranus.

And what’s it’s like to be Indian in Westport.

City-Data.com is one of those websites you stumble upon, looking for something else.  It provides statistics on towns all over the US — and a forum to post questions about them.

Recently, someone said:

Hi all.  I posted a while back asking advice on Norwalk since we were primarily house hunting in East Norwalk.  During that process, we fell in love with the city.  Ends up that we found a home in Westport, CT for a pretty good deal.  I am anxious and excited about the move.

We are of Indian background and my main concern about Westport is its lack of diversity.  Does anyone have any insight on diversity moving to the area or the attitude towards other races in the town?  I hear it’s a pretty liberal town and not as exclusive as groups in Darien can be?  But I don’t know….

I have a 14 month old and am 7 months pregnant with my next child so we will have young kids living there with us and don’t plan on moving any time soon.  I am happy that the schools in Westport are excellent so the kids do benefit.

We checked out the library on one visit AND LOVED IT.

Any advice, tips, suggestions, resources for young families just starting out in Westport and activities for kids would be very much appreciated!

There was 1 reply:

Welcome to Ct.!  Westport is a fabulous town, and very welcoming to families…. I don’t think you’ll have any difficulties settling in at all.  They have a “Newcomers” club, which will help you meet other families, do some activities, and get to know the town.

That was a decent response (and it included a link to New Neighbors of Westport).  But it did not go far enough.

TEAM Westport tackles multiculturalism and diversity issues.

There was no mention of TEAM Westport — the town’s committee on multiculturalism, which has moved far beyond the usual black/white/Hispanic nexus to explore Westport’s ethnic, religious and sexual orientation diversity.  (Their comprehensive “Living in Westport” newsletter answers many questions about diversity.)

There was nothing said about the fact that a few dozen languages are spoken in our schools.

There was nothing about our 50-year celebration of jUNe Day — or the burgeoning Indian population that lives here in town.

There are several ways to interpret the fact that only 1 person responded to the soon-to-be-new resident’s question about Westport.

Perhaps our diversity is not well known.

Maybe our attitude to it is so matter-of-fact that no one felt the need to comment or explain.

Or maybe no one reads the forum section of City-Data.com.