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36 Hours In Westport

Every Sunday, the New York Times fills a page of its Travel section with a “36 Hours in…” feature.

Whether Sonoma County, Mexico City or Boston, the idea is the same:  avoid tourist spots; hit interesting restaurants, galleries and shops; get in, get out, go home.

The Times has never done Westport.  So an “06880” reader suggests we do our own.

“Come up with a Friday night, Saturday all day, and Sunday schedule that yields a maximum amount of enjoyment and gets them from and to a specific Metro North train,” he suggests.

The challenge could include “restaurants, theaters, places for recreation, places to rent vehicles or boats, historically significant places, etc.” The idea is to provide as much exposure to as wide a variety of Westport as possible.

The Times’ 36 hours are tied to the seasons.  So let’s figure out what visitors would like to see and do this fall.  Click the “Comments” link to add your ideas.

Please keep suggestions civil.  The Times does not do snark — and, this once, “06880” won’t either.

A walk by Old Mill -- with a view of the Sherwood Island Mill Pond house -- might interest visitors to Westport.