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Medical Examiner Responds To Westporters

Several people have written to Jim Gill, Connecticut’s Chief Medical Examiner, about his finding in the death of Westporter Tracy Do last week. He says:

I have received many letters from concerned Westport residents and friends of Tracy Do and her daughter, Layla about their deaths. I have read them all but am unable to respond personally to each of them. I will answer your concerns as best as I can and share this letter with all who wrote to me.

The medical examiner’s office is only allowed to release to the public what is on the death certificate. I am unable to go into details or explain the findings that resulted in these conclusions.

Even though they are no longer with us, Tracy and Layla deserve some privacy, as do the living members of their family. We of course can speak to families, answer all their questions, and review all findings with them.  We cannot do this for the general public.

I understand that this is a shock to your community, and it is unfathomable how such a tragedy could happen. Unfortunately, it does happen. There was a thorough investigation that involved the Westport Police and the State Police Major Crime Squad who spent all night and part of the next day processing the scene. As in all homicides and suspected homicides, a full homicide investigation including postmortem examinations were conducted.

There was compelling evidence that led to the final determinations. I understand that many of you have concerns and suspicions. As my former chief would remind me, suspicions are not evidence. There is abundant evidence that substantiates these sorrowful determinations. No one in law enforcement or in the medical examiner’s office would want to miss a double homicide. This is why such thorough investigations are done.

I suspect my letter will give you little solace and may even raise more questions.  Unfortunately, this is all that I say. For all of their friends and acquaintances who wrote me, you have my deepest condolences for your loss.

[OPINION] Domestic Violence Advocate Questions Suicide Ruling

An “06880” reader writes:

I am a domestic violence advocate. I have worked for many years with women nationwide who are in abusive situations and custody battles. I am also very familiar with Connecticut Protective Moms, a non-profit working with Connecticut Family on all forms of domestic violence, including physical, coercive control, emotional, verbal, financial and legal abuse.

My training, intuition and experience tell me that the incident last week in Westport — despite the medical examiner’s ruling — was not suicide.

I have heard from many moms in the state. They also question this declaration by the medical examiner.

I can’t think of any woman who would choose to commit suicide in the manner cited by the medical examiner: “sharp injuries of torso and extremities.”

Women typically commit suicide by overdosing, slitting their wrists, drowning or hanging.  Violent suicides are much more likely for men than women.

She did not have a motive. While she had chosen to leave her ex-husband, and had filed for financial support, there had been no ruling against her. Therefore she would still have had hope.

From accounts of her friends, she was a loving mother.

I plan to call the medical examiner to find out why he made this determination.  I hope others will as well (jgill@ocme.org). If his office receives several inquiries, they may look further into this rather than consider it closed.

The state medical examiner ruled last week’s death on Lyndale Park a suicide. An “06880” reader is not so sure.

Police: Update On Tragic Murder-Suicide

The Westport Police Department says:

The adult female who was found deceased in the home at 1 Lyndale Park has been positively identified as 46-year-old Tracy Do. The deceased juvenile also resided at the above address, and is Ms. Do’s daughter.

On June 18, the 2 deceased individuals were brought to the State Medical Examiner’s office in Farmington to be autopsied.  The Medical Examiner determined that the 7-year-old had drowned, and ruled her death a homicide.

The Medical Examiner ruled Ms. Do’s death a suicide.  The Westport Police Detective Bureau, along with the State Police Western District Major Crimes Unit, continue to investigate the circumstances related to these 2 deaths.

Chief Foti Koskinas said, “this is a horrible tragedy, and the police department is keeping the family as well as the community that was so deeply affected by this in our thoughts and prayers.”

At this time, we are not releasing any further information.

1 Lyndale Park is off Weston Road, near Merritt Parkway northbound Exit 42.

First Selectman Jim Marpe adds:

The community is dealing with an awful tragedy. Since this terrible event is still under investigation, I cannot comment on the details.  My prayers and condolences are with the family.

Police, first responders, public school personnel and students have been directly impacted by this devastating event. The entire community shares in their grief and sadness. Westport is a caring community. and I know we will come together to support those who need to begin the healing process.