Police: Update On Tragic Murder-Suicide

The Westport Police Department says:

The adult female who was found deceased in the home at 1 Lyndale Park has been positively identified as 46-year-old Tracy Do. The deceased juvenile also resided at the above address, and is Ms. Do’s daughter.

On June 18, the 2 deceased individuals were brought to the State Medical Examiner’s office in Farmington to be autopsied.  The Medical Examiner determined that the 7-year-old had drowned, and ruled her death a homicide.

The Medical Examiner ruled Ms. Do’s death a suicide.  The Westport Police Detective Bureau, along with the State Police Western District Major Crimes Unit, continue to investigate the circumstances related to these 2 deaths.

Chief Foti Koskinas said, “this is a horrible tragedy, and the police department is keeping the family as well as the community that was so deeply affected by this in our thoughts and prayers.”

At this time, we are not releasing any further information.

1 Lyndale Park is off Weston Road, near Merritt Parkway northbound Exit 42.

First Selectman Jim Marpe adds:

The community is dealing with an awful tragedy. Since this terrible event is still under investigation, I cannot comment on the details.  My prayers and condolences are with the family.

Police, first responders, public school personnel and students have been directly impacted by this devastating event. The entire community shares in their grief and sadness. Westport is a caring community. and I know we will come together to support those who need to begin the healing process.

10 responses to “Police: Update On Tragic Murder-Suicide

  1. Cristina Negrin

    Something terrible was going on in this woman’s life to bring her to this. Mental illness and depression are not invisible we need to pay attention and not be afraid to address it. 🥲

  2. OMG, what a sad sad tragedy! Although I don’t know the family, I recognize the house: it has the most colorful lawn decorations and lights every December. Every time I drove past it, I slowed down to admire. This must be a family that loves life and want to share the spirit of the Holidays. What happened this year? What drove her over the brinks to despair? From her last name, she must be an Asian. Was she living an isolated lonely life here? I don’t know, but I am so sad at what had happened!

    • Jennie G. Pickering

      She was my friend and we lost touch… she was from Vietnam…lived in Westport for a while…finding it hard to believe she did this (._.) …and her older daughter is who we should all think of… people who say “this doesn’t happen here” need to stop

      • Jennie G. Pickering

        guess I can’t sleep, replying to my own reply.
        I knew Tracy as Tracy Chinh…there seems to be alot of focus on the expensive house she lived in? (that the builder husband built). She filed a lawsuit against him asking for $15k for work she did for him for many years, and I know she was raising the kids,,, all is too sad and messed up.

    • I saw the picture of the house and recognized it for precisely the same reason. It always looked very festive for the holidays. What a horrible thing to have occurred.

      The Courant article has thorough background. It looks as if there was a difficult split. She was trying to get support from her ex, and he was suing to evict her (and, presumably, their two children) from the house. I hope the older daughter will find a safe and loving home.

  3. Linda Montecalvo

    I’m disturbed by the charges that this women worked for the person she was divorcing for many years without being paid. The fact that she was being evicted from her home – clearly this women could see no other option and in the heat of who know what moment acted beyond regrettably. However, I can’t help but question the unbearable pressures put upon her by the very person she co-created her children with. A very sad story.