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Jeff Dunkerton Named New Town Clerk

When Patty Strauss retired as town clerk, she left big shoes to fill.

On January 19, Jeff Dunkerton will be fitted for them.

Most recently the assistant town clerk for Danbury, he was responsible for the automation of that office, including digitizing all city records. His management and administrative functions included preparation of department budgets and day-to-day oversight of departmental staff.

Jeff Dunkerton

Before that, Dunkerton served as a registrar of voters in Brookfield, and was an operations manager for a Pitney Bowes division. He is a volunteer firefighter in Brookfield, a marine patrol officer for the Candlewood Lake Authority, and a mentor with the Danbury Schools & Business Collaborative program.

“I am very impressed with Jeff’s background and employment history,” says 1st Selectman Jim Marpe.

“His dedication, experience and commitment to his profession are precisely what we are looking for in a town clerk. We look forward to having Jeff join the town staff in this important leadership role.”

Representative Town Meeting Moderator Velma Heller ads, “We look forward to working with Jeffrey in his new position. I’m certain that he will be a very effective Town Clerk.”

Dunkerton lives in Brookfield with his wife Amber and their 2 sons.

Unsung Heroes #164

This week’s Unsung Heroes selection is a no-brainer.

No matter what you thought of the election — and the months-that-seemed-like millennia run-up to it — you know one thing: We could not have voted without help.

I don’t mean help in choosing a candidate. If I never get another text saying “Daniel, this is Caroline from the xxxx campaign!” it will be too soon.

I mean the behind-the-scenes help. To the town clerk ‘s office; the League of Women Voters and other volunteers who compiled and disseminated information, and (of course!) the poll workers who braved COVID, closed-in indoor spaces and vague threats of disruption to ensure that democracy prevails: thank you. Many of those spending long hours are polling places were high school and college students. How great to get them involved — along with all the regulars, who have done it for decades. (Nice too how many people thanked them profusely.)

Staples High School senior Reed Caney volunteered as a poll worker yesterday, at Long Lots Elementary School.

And how about the registrars of voters? In a herculean effort this past Saturday, they opened approximately 8,000 returned absentee ballots. They rejected only 5 (!), because of issues like improper envelopes or missing signatures.

On Monday, they personally notified those 5 voters — and advised them to vote in person yesterday.

We’ve been through a lot this year. You helped bring a bit of normalcy into very uncertain times.

I know, I know. You don’t do it for the glory. (And certainly not for the pay.)

But that makes your work even more important, inspiring and incredible.