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The Dude’s Christmas

The Dude Abides was up early this Christmas morning.  He reports:

Celebrating any holiday with the Philpott clan of Westport is like attending the circus.  Three things go on at the same time, and you need to sit on the edge of your seat to catch the next act.

The Philpott brothers — Brian, Ted and Rob — are infamous in Westport for their partying escapades.  One Christmas Eve, they dared each other to run naked through CVS.  It was caught on camera.  No charges were filed.

Now the statute of limitations has run out.  Like many of us, they have grown older and wiser.  Jobs.  Marriages.  Mortgages.  Kids.  Some call it “responsibility.”

The Philpotts — now flying solo, with both parents in absentia — have developed new traditions.  One is a smash-mouth, gut-wrenching, fight-to-the-finish… gingerbread house competition.

A Philpott gingerbread creation.

That’s right.  The former football stars have turned to the culinary arts to find a different way to celebrate Christmas Eve.

Everyone at their late-night party is divided into 2 groups.  They have an hour to build a gingerbread house.

There is only 1 rule:  Everything that goes on the house must be edible.

Once completed, both houses are placed on Facebook.  The world decides the winner.

This year, a few structural mishaps with one house (the “Tijuana Brothel”) enabled the two older Philpott brothers — Brian and Ted — to prevail.

We can only imagine what the Dude has up his sleeve for New Year’s Eve!