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Pro-Choice Advocates Rally On Bridge

The Texas Legislature’s vote banning nearly all forms of abortion unleashed protests across the country.

There were several in Westport last month. This afternoon they continued at the town’s favored political meeting place: the Ruth Steinkraus Cohen Bridge downtown.

(Photos/David Vita)

Westporters Rally Against Texas Abortion Ban

Over 100 people gathered on the Ruth Steinkraus Bridge this morning.

Today’s event at the town’s favorite political protest gathering spot — organized in just 24 hours — rallied opponents of Texas’ abortion bill. In effect since Wednesday, the most restrictive regulation in the country bans abortions once cardiac activity can be detected in the embryo — about 6 weeks after pregnancy begins.

The law makes no exception for rape or incest. It also leaves enforcement up to private citizens. They can sue Texas abortion providers who violate the law, and anyone who “aids or abets” a woman getting the procedure — including, for example, an Uber driver who takes a woman to a clinic.

About 2/3 of the protestors were women and girls. But there were plenty of men and boys too.

(Photos courtesy of Danielle Dobin)