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And The New Name Is…

According to Skip Lane — who brokered the deal for  Cushman & Wakefield — Mario Batali’s new Charles Street restaurant will be called:  Tarry Lodge Enoteca & Pizzeria.

When “06880” broke this story on Monday, we suggested a Saugatuck-themed name.  Well, at least the famed restaurateur/chef tips his toque to the area’s Italian heritage with the 2nd half of the new name.

“Enoteca” is Italian (from Greek).  According to Wikipedia, “it literally means ‘wine repository’ … but is used to describe a special type of local or regional wine shop that originated in Italy.”

Urban Dictionary‘s definition is spicier:  “like a wine cellar; a place where you drink wine, get drunk, and get sweet hookups.”

Everyone knows what a pizzeria is — and Westport’s got pizzerias a-plenty — but what about “Tarry Lodge”?

Batali’s already got a trattoria and market by that name in Port Chester.  According to his website, a lodge is “a meeting or dwelling place” that “fosters gathering and community.”

As for “tarry,” it means to “stay for a time, especially longer than intended.”  Another definition is “to delay or be tardy in going or coming.”

Ah!  Given the new restaurant’s location just a few steps from the railroad station, it all makes sense now.