And The New Name Is…

According to Skip Lane — who brokered the deal for  Cushman & Wakefield — Mario Batali’s new Charles Street restaurant will be called:  Tarry Lodge Enoteca & Pizzeria.

When “06880” broke this story on Monday, we suggested a Saugatuck-themed name.  Well, at least the famed restaurateur/chef tips his toque to the area’s Italian heritage with the 2nd half of the new name.

“Enoteca” is Italian (from Greek).  According to Wikipedia, “it literally means ‘wine repository’ … but is used to describe a special type of local or regional wine shop that originated in Italy.”

Urban Dictionary‘s definition is spicier:  “like a wine cellar; a place where you drink wine, get drunk, and get sweet hookups.”

Everyone knows what a pizzeria is — and Westport’s got pizzerias a-plenty — but what about “Tarry Lodge”?

Batali’s already got a trattoria and market by that name in Port Chester.  According to his website, a lodge is “a meeting or dwelling place” that “fosters gathering and community.”

As for “tarry,” it means to “stay for a time, especially longer than intended.”  Another definition is “to delay or be tardy in going or coming.”

Ah!  Given the new restaurant’s location just a few steps from the railroad station, it all makes sense now.


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  1. Tarry Lodge is a nice, upscale restaurant, but the original Tarry Lodge was sort of the Arrow of Port Chester–a very popular family-run establishment that served reasonably-priced Italian food; even the decor was somewhat similar to the Arrow. (And, it’s even possible the bus boys were from the high school football team.). I used to go there with my in-laws, and my wife went there as a kid with her family. So, in a way, maybe the new owners are paying homage to Saugatuck’s heritage.

  2. Laurie Brannigan

    I love the name and can’t wait for it to open!!

  3. Great does have a Saugatuck connection in the name: The Sons of Italy “Francescia Lodge” Lodge is located down there…named for the late Westport resident and wife of I-95 creator Governor John Davis Lodge.

    Sounds perfect to me!

  4. Sounds perfect to me…And it does have a Saugatuck connection. The Sons of Italy’s “Francescia Lodge” Lodge is located down there…named for the late wife of Westport resident and creator of I-95 former CT Governor John Davis Lodge.

  5. I think Joe Bastianich is a partner with Batali in Tarry Lodge. In Italy, an enoteca is a place one goes to sample really good wine and have small plates of food that serve as delicious accompaniment. A wonderful aspect to the restaurants I have been to that these guys own is that they offer excellent, relatively unknown Italian wines.
    Now, if we can get a movie theatre back in this town, we can make a real evening of it!

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  7. Pretentious.

    • Richard Lawrence Stein

      Ric why is it you have such a bug in your arse about Mario? Why is it pretensious? Is LE Farm or The Dressing Room or DaPietro or many other fine eating establishments pretensious? One could think you are pretensious for going without the “k” or “h” off your name… Please enlighten us for your position

      • 16% of the homeless are Veterans. Those who actually went into harm’s way (vice “verbal harm’s way”) for our country. That fact is one of many issues that face our nation. And we are worried about some chef and his new restaurant in Saugatuck?? We live in a bubble. A very shallow bubble in my mind. Ric is my husband’s given name. He is a “quad” from Bosnia. He can only muster one or two words at a time on the keyboard.

        • Thank you Ric and Sarah for pointing out our misdirected ways at times.

        • Then why are you wasting time reading this blog if you find it so offensive? No one here is “worried about some chef and his new restaurant”, they are merely discussing it, and you shouldn’t slap them in the face with your totally unrelated situation.

        • I’m so sorry to hear that.
          And here I’ve been admiring his one word responses, which usually say so much with so little.

  8. I like what I see going on with the development of Saugatuck. At first I was the Westporter who didn’t want change and wanted it to be like it used to be. We’ll never get “old” Westport back, so I’m trying to be more of a go with the flow kind of woman. I do like the idea of the retail shops going in, and with all the restaurants, it could be a great area to walk around and enjoy, like Main Street used to be. I hope the shops are fun and eclectic, and not another outdoor mall, but I guess that all depends on the rents. In any event, I am excited to watch this development, learn of the new tenants, and have a great new area in Westport to walk around!

    As far as this new restaurant, I’ve never been to any of his restaurants, so can’t make a fair comment about it. I can say I look forward to checking it out and seeing what it is all about though! If the food is good and it brings life into our town, I’ll be thrilled. Even though we have many pizza places, this sounds like it has a unique twist.

    Hey, I’m just happy to see real estate being bought, businesses opening up and signs of an improving economy and Westport! We sure could use some extra tax dollars, as these potholes are not going to fill themselves!!

  9. I believe the Hall that you are referring to in Saugatuck was called St. Anthony’s Hall.
    Many of us who grew up in the 50s in Saugatuck, remember the Saugatuck ladies cooking and serving pizza on Friday nights.
    My sister an I also took ballet lessons in that hall. I performed in the Nutcracker. Very small part!
    I agree Saugatuck is going to be a fun place. It’s about time.

  10. I think that people were commenting on the chef and the new restaurant in Saugatuck, because it related to the article Dan Woog posted. Some people, myself included, like to talk about the going’s on in Westport. It’s what we do here on 06880 and in this case, we were just discussing the story at hand.

    If you would like to see a story about the homeless veterans and start a discussion about how to come up with some solutions to the issue, perhaps suggest that to Dan Woog and he may opt to do so. Or, perhaps could you start a fund, a blog, or some type of awareness campaign, about the homeless veterans, to show your passion for this cause. I’m sure the support would abound.

    My husband is a veteran and my family and I do charity work with Walter Reed Army Hospital at Christmas, and my mom has two therapy dogs and she brings them to the psych ward at the VA in Virginia all year-round, so I am from a family who does support our veterans. For this post, however, I stick to the subject at hand, which is the new restaurant in Saugatuck. Another hot topic in our world is the economy and this is a sign of things improving!

    • Healthy.

      • Dic

        • Ric needs to eat one.

        • The Dude Abides

          The man is, by his wife’s admission, a quadriplegic. And you rake him over the coals because he brings up an issue that is not in tune with the superficiality of a new restaurant in town? Shallow is not nearly as strong a word that should be applied to such critics. It is an embarrassment and shame on you.

    • One of the commentators asked the Jensens why they used the word pretentious when it came to the new name of the Saugatuck restaurant.

      They answered him according to their views.

      I find nothing wrong with their response and I am not sure you can control the ebb and flow of this blog.

  11. I was hope my post doesn’t come off as sarcastic, and it may have. If so, I apologize. I was truly suggesting starting an awareness campaign, or something for the homeless veterans to show such passion. It wasn’t meant to be rude.

    Those of you who know me here at 06880 know I’m not rude. Sometimes I love the debate, but I’m not rude! Hormonal (pregnant) but not rude 🙂

    PS – 6 more weeks until my little daughter gets here! Is that 06880 worthy news or what? tee hee.

    Have a great day, and if my post above seemed rude, I certainly do apologize, as that was not the spirit in which it was intended!


  12. nice job Skip. now bring back Chubby Lane’s.

  13. Well if were asking for a wishlist of bringbacks I would add
    – Atticus (Simon Pearce?)
    – Remarkable Book Shop (Talbots?)
    – Farm Shop (Friendlys)
    and of course Big Top (McDonalds)

    • Don’t forget to bring back:

      – Carrol’s (Arby’s)
      – The Ice Cream Parlor (Prudential R.E.)

      • Don’t remember the Ice Cream Parlor, but Carrol’s…
        Wow. Converted to BK in 1975. You never realize how important hamburger places are to a little kid. Thanks for that Wrecker

        • Yup!

          The hamburgers at Carrol’s were the best!

          The Ice Cream Parlor was painted pink (like the Remarkable Bookstore) and was an old fashioned ice cream parlor with hand-cranked movies and penny candy. We kids used to have our birthday parties there. It was always a thrill buying wax lips, wax bottles filled with sweet liquid or fireballs there.

          • That was the 3rd incarnation of the Ice Cream Parlor. The first was in the building between Brooks Corner and Tavern on Main; the next was in Compo Shopping Center, where Cohen’s Optical is now.

            When it moved to the building opposite the Getty station on the Post Road, the downstairs was home to a clothing store named (I think) the Rage. Maybe it was called “Buffalo” — that sticks in my mind too. It sold hippie/groovy/psychedelic attire, like fringed vests, go-go boots and granny glasses. Way cool.

        • Wragged Wrecker

          I do believe the original Carrol’s was in Norwalk, just over the line and just below the drive-in (across from where Blockbuster is today). 5 cent burgers in my day. Not to be picky but also believe it was spelled Big Toppe? I remember the Ice Cream Parlor farther down the Post Road in the back of Colonial Green? And it was a “thrift” clothing store below in the early 60’s.

          • Carrol’s was a local chain, like Duchess — they had several locations in this area.

            It was the Big Top Shoppe — you were close.

            And The Ice Cream Parlor location was in the building across from what is now the Getty station on the Post Road, just east of Colonial Green.

  14. Hi Annonymous II –
    I don’t recall trying to control anything, especially the ebb and flow of Dan’s blog. Dan knows me VERY well, I have no motive or desire to control the ebb and flow of his blog or the people who blog … I have great respect for them. Hey, I’m just one of the ducks in the 06880 pond! I simply responded, quite politely and even with a disclaimer to back up my politeness and intent to someone’s response. As you found it necessary to respond to mine. I don’t find anything controlling about it. At no point did I say, “YOU MUST FOLLOW THE RULES!” I just shared my opinion, offered what I thought was a GREAT way to help her cause and concern for homeless veterans and then expressed how I like to stay on topic. But at no point did I tell anyone they aren’t allowed to go off topic, which would mean I took on a controlling demeanor.

    If you would like to quote one of my sentences, whereby I tried to control the ebb and flow of this thread, I would be glad to look it over. Please be sure it exemplifies my want/desire to control the ebb and flow of the thread, but not just express my opinions on what I like. At no point did I even say I found something “wrong’ with her post. I simply replied with respect and and a polite attitude.

    I also, again, backed up what I said by saying I thought it would be a GREAT idea to bring forth the issue of homeless veterans through some type of awareness program! I liked what she had to say! I just thought that it would be great to have a discussion about that on a different story (notice I wrote, I thought, expressing this is just my opinion and not a need for control). I also don’t think having a discussion about a new restaurant coming to Westport, learning about the new owner/chef, and talking about potential names for the restaurant is pretentious. There’s life coming to Westport, business coming to Westport, in a world where people are/were halting construction and growth, Saugatuck is being redeveloped. I truly think this is a great topic and I am looking foward to having a great place to walk around, a new restaurant to try and to hopefully see some vibrant activity in my hometown.

    I know there is great suffering in this world. I know there are so many important issues we could discuss, but sometimes it’s great to just take a deep breath and chat about something light-hearted and fun, like the new restaurant coming to Saugatuck. I watch the news every night, I hear about the voilence and hardships from my husband who’s a police officer in Bridgeport, we all have our own realities, causes and hardships in life, but it’s great for me to know I can read 06880 and find a fun story to read and comment on. I love the crazy political debates! I love the trips down Memory Lane and chatting about Big Top, and I will join in on the discussion about homeless veterans, should there be one.

    Well, I have to get back to work, but enjoy your day. I hope you see I in no way was really trying to control anyone. I was just expressing myself. Oh, and please excuse any typos … I’m tired and it’s the end of the day and I’m rushing to get things done. If you show me a sentence that exemplifies my need to control the ebb and flow, I will be happy to be proven wrong. I’m not a woman of great ego, just a gal having fun on 06880! When I’m wrong, I always admit it and an apology follows.

    Happy Day to you, Annonymous II 🙂 Enjoy this beautiful sunset!

  15. Staples 87 … I agree! I also would love to see The Selective Eye and Dorain’s Drugs, as they had the BEST magazine collection … okay, now I’m really back to work! I swear!!

  16. I totally forgot about Selective eye! Nice one Judi.

    • Richard Lawrence Stein

      I don’t know if it is still there, but Stamford Wrecking on Hope Street actually had the “Selective Eye” sign on the side of their building. And for the record I am a huge supporter and volunteer for many great causes. I’m also an advocate for the locovoration of our world. Funny I know I invented a word there, but I just don’t see the prentensiousness of Mario or his eateries.

  17. Longtime Westporter

    No problem with having a good new restaurant in Saugatuck, a special part of Westport, but I’m sorry but Abbondanza was such a great name (short, sweet and very appropo) and Tarry Lodge Enoteca & Pizzeria doesn’t cut it. Are folks going to say “Let’s go to Tarry Lodge tonight” or “I want some pasta at Enoteca” or what? This is too much of a mouthful, no pun intended for a restaurant. The blog’s readers had come up with several more appealing names.

    • Huh? I’ve said “let’s go a Tarry Lodge” multiple times. I’m glad that this will be accompanied by a much shorter drive come spring.

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  19. I’m with John & the Dude. EVERYTHING changed when Sarah explained Ric’s situation. Ric, THANK YOU for your service… mine pales in comparison to your sacrifice. I’ve said a short prayer for you, and since I pray so seldom, mine are usually heard. All the best, comrade.

  20. Soup’s On was my favorite restaurant. As a struggling 20something, I could splurge on a cup of delcious soup and a great piece of bread and still make my car payment that month. It was a great, practical concept.

  21. Mario B. did not come up with the name “Tarry Lodge” on his own. It was the name of an already established and long-standing restaurant in Post Chester.

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