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A Bedroom For Bryant

The National Charity League is a great organization. With over 250 chapters nationwide, it offers mothers and daughters a chance to work together on community service projects.

The Westport chapter is thriving. Its members include 18 Staples seniors. Many have worked together for 6 years.

They’re about to graduate — from high school, and NCL. They wanted their final project to be especially meaningful.

It was.

They heard about Circle of Care. Since 2005, its Art from the Heart program has transformed over 120 bedrooms and play areas in the homes of young cancer patients into lively, joyful wonderlands.

The girls spent weeks designing an amazing makeover for a teenager named Bryant. He lives in Beacon Falls, and is undergoing leukemia treatment at Yale New Haven Hospital.

Bryant’s bedroom, before the makeover.

They spent this past weekend turning their plans into reality. It was hard work.

Amanda Samuels and Juliette Schwebel measure fabric …

… while Kaya Leitner, Maddie Phelps and Cece Adams cut …

… and Mia Kobylinski, Lili Romann and Juliette Schwebel finish the job.

But then came the reveal.

The bedroom …

… and the bed.

Soon, the 18 National Charity League girls will graduate. They will receive many nice gifts.

But none can ever compare to the gift they all gave Bryant.

Bryant, with the Westport National Charity League girls. (Photos/Susan Kobylinski)

Staples Girls’ Marvelous Makeover

It was a wild, windy weekend.

But while you and I huddled around cups of cocoa, hoping the power did not go out, 22 Staples High School seniors were not thinking of themselves.

Taylor Burg and Madi Jarvis work their magic.

Taylor Burg and Madi Jarvis work their magic.

The Staples girls — members of Westport’s National Charity League — contributed their time and talents to transform another 12th grader’s bedroom into a personalized refuge.

Olivia Kalentek lives in Beacon Falls. She’s just like the Westporters — except she’s battling lymphoma.

After months of designing, planning, budgeting and fundraising, the NCL group (with help from a few moms) spent all weekend painting, creating and decorating.

Finally, they unveiled their work. They hope that in her new room, Olivia can gain strength, and find happiness.

The NCL seniors chose the room makeover as their Capstone project. They worked through the Art from the Heart program run by Circle of Care — a non-profit that provides emotional and financial support to  Connecticut families of children with cancer.

For 22 Staples seniors — and Olivia — this past weekend was very warm indeed.

The National Charity League gang -- and Olivia Kalentek (front row, 3rd from right) are all smiles.

The National Charity League gang — and Olivia Kalentek (front row, 3rd from right) are all smiles when the work was done.