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That Was Fast!

A couple of hours after posting this morning’s “06880” — wondering why there’s a “Remember When?” sign in the storefront of Saugatuck Craft Butchery, which expanded across the street — we’ve got an answer.

An anonymous — but tuned-in — Westporter says the new tenant will be an old-fashioned ice-cream parlor. Serving gelato.

That’s perfect. It brings back the much-loved “Ice Cream Parlor” concept. Its 3 incarnations — on Main Street next to the current Tavern on Main; in Compo Shopping Center where Cohen Fashion opticians is now; finally further west on the Post Road across from the now-vacant Getty gas station — were beloved Westport institutions.

The pink Ice Cream Parlor on the Post Road, painted by Gabrielle Dearborn. It's now a non-pink office building.

The pink Ice Cream Parlor on the Post Road, painted by Gabrielle Dearborn. It’s now a non-pink office building.

One of the best features of the new Saugatuck Center redevelopment is its emphasis on fun, local businesses — a kayak place, that Craft butchery, restaurants and a new gourmet market. The lone chain — Dunkin Donuts — blends in nicely with the rest of Bridge Square.

But this is not your father’s Saugatuck. Gelato is the new vanilla.

And — mamma mia! — it’s Italian, too.

A small portion of the Ice Cream Parlor menu. "The Pigs Trough" cost $69.95 -- but was free if one person could eat it all in 3 hours. Above it was the "Staples Fruit Delight," a large $2 sundae.

A small portion of the vast Ice Cream Parlor menu.

Saugatuck Center Mystery

Spotted in the window of the now-vacant Saugatuck Craft Butchery (it moved across the street):

saugatuck center.jpgWhich brings up 2 questions for “06880” readers:

  1. Remember what?
  2. And why should we remember, anyway?

If you remember anything — or have insights into this mystery — click “Comments.”